Kena Hysteria

Hysteria. It is difficult to understand. What is hysteria actually? Is it really cause by demons or ghost? We don't know. What we know is, it is one of the topic that is difficult to understand in psychiatry.

Do you know that hysteria came from the word hystera which is related to uterus. It is intially describe only spesifically only to women. A disease of women. Maybe because man does not really affected and uncommonly experience hysteria. However, there is reported cases of male getting hysteria even though it is uncommon.

Compare to other 'demonic' or ghostly story i've heard, hysteria is the most hard subject to be doubted. If you doubt, a lot of people would say difference so called evidences to make you believe. So most of people believe that hysteria is really caused by ghost.

A friend seriously and try to make me believe in hysteria. There is no scientific explanation can explain hysteria according to her. However, i am a skeptic, yet also a believer. But i need to understand it thoroughly before i agree with her.

One theory proposed that hysteria is a reaction of our brain function to stress. You can see that hysteria never happen if you are staying happily at home but more to happen when you are far away from home, in boarding school or any institution. It is a kind of home sick reaction. It is a protective reaction to make sure you can cope to stress but it an inappropriate way.

However, we are not saying that those who got hysteria is malingering or pretending but it is a subconscious reaction. You won't know that your brain is doing something. Sometimes, it also happen because of the effect of other people. Such as when someone told you that he got hysteria when she was staying in that room, you would get hysteria too because subconsciously you are believing it.

I am honest, i don't understand hysteria at all. It could really caused by demons.

A friend of mine mentioned regarding mass hysteria. The queston is simple. " How can a group of people get hysteria at one time if not caused by a demons disturbing them?"

The explanation is simple. mass hysteria happen, just like what happen everyday when a mass media giving a false information regarding earthquake or war exploding. Everyone would get panic and became hysteria, running and shouting while nothing will happen actually. One example of mass hysteria, for your information, is The mass hysteria of war of the world. This happen when a radio broadcast that an alien has landed in earth and killed human and beginning to move and conquer the world. Mass hysteria occur at that time and this give us some brief idea that hysteria can happen not only limited to an individual but also happen in a group. Mass hysteria that called it.

Eenthough, sometimes hallucination occur during hysteria. That is usual. however, if everyone is experiencing the same hallucination, how can it happen?

A lot of things we can't explain. What we can't explain more importantly is not ghost or demons. but the way our brain function. Up until now, we only know that we are using maximumly 10% of our brain capacity. What is in 90%? How can a brain only use 10% of it capacity.

90% is a hidden puzzle for us to learn. Either there is nothing inside that 90% or, 90% is the key of understanding everything in our life.


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