Kena Santau

I am planning to write regarding odd believe in our society for 4 chapters however, i guess i could not make it. 2 parts is very hard for me to write. Time is so restricted nowadays. Ok, this part supposed to called Kena Tindih 2 but i guess 'tindih' does not correlates with this second entry. So i called it Kena santau.

I was hearing a friend saying with a serious tone regarding santau... I, too, was very serious because this issues is never a myth for me. I've experienced it. Not me. But it happen to my beloved mother around 10 years ago maybe. I could not remember the exact date. I was in primary school at that time.

Lots of people in this world live in jealousy. Some are healthy, some are not. To make it worse, most of people live negatively thinking that someone always want to talk and do bad thing to himself or herself. So, because of this, the story begin.

I don't know why, but the 'bomoh' who cured my mother said that the people who did 'santau' on my mother was jealous of my mother and father happiness and try to break it. That people also think that my mother is talking and doing bad thing to her so she take revenge without anyone offending her. So problematic.

So what happen is, my mother had nightmare, could not sleep at night, loss of interest, loss of weight and appetite, afraid to go outside the house and always glooomy everyday. Because of the nightmare, she could not sleep until she frequently fall sick and she look so depressed.

At that time, I was young, i could not understand everything. What i understand was my mother is sick.

Frequently, we heard strange sound in our house. Sometimes we see weird stuff like a green boy sitting on our living room, hear footsteps in the middle of the night, sound of door being shut (but no doors were shut at that time). So scary. I still remember that period. I used to believe that there is a ghost in our house. I hate my house at that time. I could not sleep tightly every night.

My mother was treated as depression in hospital. But the medication does not relieved her symptoms. So eventually, like all other people in our society, we searched for a 'bomoh' ( tradional medicine practioner), and ask for help. Not only a bomoh but bomohs. Many bomoh. I guess around 3-4 bomoh but none of them can solved the problem.

Until my mother find a bomoh that is so skillful that everyone said that he can cure any disease. We met this bomoh and ask for his help. He did help, with some traditional ritual and everything, he said that he chase the 'santau' away.

A day after the bomoh treatment, my mother suddenly woke up in the morning and rush to us and said that the day is brighter and merrier to her compare to before. She said that the sunshine is so beautiful after so many months of feeling gloomy and dark. We were all happy. My mother was cured.

After i enter medicine, i start to doubt the whole story.. From the little facts that i can remember, i would say that my mother was having major depression. It is a psychiatric problem. It explain almost all of the symptoms.

When I was in psychiatric posting, i've learned that antidepressant take some times to take effect, and when it does, it would make patient feel the today is brighter and happier compare to yesterday.

Is my mother suddenly feeling better because of the effect of the antidepressant prescribed to her? Was it all only coincidence? Did the bomoh only do something rubbish and everything was cured by modern medication?

I don't know. But when i start to doubt something, i would not put that thing as correct until it was proven correct.


what about the symptoms we were having (everyone except my mother)? The strange sound, strange image and everything? Was it like shared psychosis? I don't know. Was it all are caused by our strong belief in this thing?

Compare to sleep paralysis, i was more confused on this one.


Lot of people still belief in this thing. It was not wrong. However, it was sad when someone who learn evidence based medicine or science (it does not matter what specialty), strongly believe in such thing. If someone present as major depression, should we said that she was having 'santau'?Should we first allowed ourselves to think openly and think about other problem which have explanation first before the one who do not?

I guess, as a skeptic yet a believer ( we need to be both if we born in East but learn knowledge from the west), we need to think of the scientific reason behind the problem before going to the unexplainable facts.

Sometimes, i do believe that science cannot explain everything, but why do we need to find the hard part first.

" Don't make youself complicated," a friend said to me. I remember this simple saying until today. If there is a problem, simply solved it with the easiest solution. Why must go and make it complicated?

So i guess i will keep it like this. Don't believe first, and believe it at last.... rather than believe it now and prove wrong later.

p/s: A friend suddenly realize that i am a skeptic type of person.. and she said What about hysteria? What about ghost you have seen? Why are you skeptic when you've see one? What if it happen to you? Dont you scared? Don't talk big, ghost like people who are 'cabul'.

I do believe....

before going further, i would explain first on Islamic Hindu we've practiced here in Malaysia and later about the next entry.


  1. aku slalu tanya pensyarah/tutor aku

    "dokter, pernah tidak melalui perkara2 yang tidak dapat dijelaskan dari sudut ilmiah?"

    u'll be surprise if i told u about it here, but i'm gonna save it for, errmm, i don't know. heheh

  2. Ruffey: Apa ko cakap ni?

    Amermeftah: well said.


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