Lucky to Fast

I guess no one is fasting on my way from KK to Menumbok to Labuan. All around me people are eating, buying food, maggi, snack, nasi lemak.. why everyone is eating? Are not we in Ramadhan Month.

Maybe they are not muslim. But, wait, are not Malaysia supposed to be a country where there is a majority of it's people are muslim? Okay, let's be fair, half-half. So i am supposed to see half of the people are eating and half of them are fasting.

No, that is not the situation. Everyone is eating except me. I don't know why. maybe they are musafir... i don't know. Maybe.

However, i always think that no one is really practicing their religion nowadays. It does not matter what religion you are. We are more to liberalism, secularism, freedom, and independent. Pros and cons are there.


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