Malaysia and Indonesia ; Kids who don't want to share.

ndonesia's often-prickly relations with neighbouring Malaysia are being tested by a fresh dispute over traditional cultural heritage.

A Malaysian tourism commercial aired on Discovery Channel has sparked an uproar in Indonesia because it featured a traditional Balinese dance called 'Pendet'.

Indonesians vented their anger over the perceived cultural piracy on Internet forums and social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, many calling Malaysia a "nation of thieves." A firebrand legislator urged the government to declare war on the neighbouring country.

Despite sharing ethnic, cultural and religious identities, Indonesia and Malaysia - both predominantly Muslim - have been embroiled in occasional disputes over matters such the treatment of migrant workers, territorial disputes and, more recently, cultural icons

- Source: Ahmad Panthoni Sep 09.


So upset. thinking that Both of us share the same blood and race as malay, even the origin of malay were from Indonesia, now Indonesia seem to really hate Malaysia whom their own country contribute historically in making what is Malaysia today.

How can a culture been pirated if the origin is the same? Sometimes, it was funny to look at this arguement.

For example, if we are Malaysian, acting like what Indonesia do (which always claim that Malaysian culture is a pirated version from them), thus can we Malaysian say that other Malay who live in other part of this world must not act, dress, and eat what we ate? Can we stop all the Malay in south africa to stop claiming themselves as Malay and stop trying to dress or be a Malay?

Some people are thinking culture as an object where you can claim it to yourself. But no. We could not do that. Culture is a development. No culture is born in this world directly from heaven or wherever it came from the sky. It evolved. From other culure, to form another culture.

I myself a Malay, admit that most of our culture originated from Indonesia. Did we learn history that Malacca first Sultan came from Palembang which is Indonesia today? Did we learn from history that Malay could be originated from Indonesia, and even some say Indonesian malay originate from somewhere else in Asia's mainland?

The important thing is, we need to learn more history and don't act like a kid which usually don't want to share what he had with other kids.

If we really want to, then do it gently because we are mature enough to think and act like an adult.

p/s: Maybe one day, someone would seel culture as culture now can be 'pirated'. 10 ringgit for a culture. Much more reasonable. haha.


  1. haha.
    macam ni la zaki.

    untung China ndak serang malaysia kan, sbb di malaysia ada Tarian Singa?

  2. I'm no. 1 supporter of Malaysia-Indonesia unification. We're brothers~

  3. I love Indonesia food. Huhu..


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