My first time...

First time of what? well, today is my first time baking my first cake in my life. Just a basic marble cake. Look like marble. Very easy. It was the basic of every cake made in this world.

Well, i would say that i don't like pastry, i don't like bakery. I like to cook not baking. but somehow i think that baking could be essential. Know everything a bit better than knowing nothing at all.

It was a success. haha. The taste... i guess it would be nice because i did not forget to put sugar in it. So it will be sweet. Sweet means nice. Haha.

Tomorrow is Raya, everyone is looking forward to hear mohor2 raja mengumumkan later this evening. I don't know what is 'mohor' in english.. Lazy to open up the dictionary.

all right.

The end result is....

I've baked my own cake. haha...


  1. mohor, decree kot?
    aku nak rasa kek kauu!!

  2. decree? ohh. lazty to learn new words. One words a day is enough for me. haha

    I learn 'eschew' today. haha.


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