My hand's hurt.

I've injured myleft hand by doing some heavy lifting exerise without proper warming up. The pain is so terrible i could not straighten my hand right now. Biceps muscle so hard and tense for a day.

It make my life difficult. Difficult to put on shirt. Difficult to drive. Difficult to take something even books. Difficult performing prayers.

Now i know why people always said and told us to do proper warming up before doing anything.

The reason is, when we do warming up, our muscle and joint would become more lax and well prepared with sufficient energy generated by ATP and some ions such as calcium and whatever, everything will be prepared and ready to be used durin our exercise. I even read in my first year of study that doing some warming up exercise will increase oxygen supply to the muscle and thus prohibit formation of execessive lactic acid in the muscle that make you feel muscle sore after doing some exercise.

I guess not only during exercise, almost everything you need a 'warming up'. Even in exam, before you enter the exams room for your long case or short case examination, sometimes you speak to yourself like a crazy person, does not mean you are mentally challenge but you are doing some 'warming up' so that no words and fact would be forgotten later.

Even when we are eating, usually we have appetizer, a 'warming up' meal before the main course.

What is the thing that we do that do not need 'warming up?'.

Well i don't know...

I've learn my lesson.


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