Now the symbol has been found. ( The Lost symbol)

1. Finally the sequence of the Da vinci code was here on earth. haha. I do not know that Da vinci will have a sequence after such criticism and contreversy a few yaers ago. But it would be a waste if the life of Robert Langdon stop after he found the tomb of mary magdalene.

2. Now the lost symbol finally in stores. However i do not have money to buy it. damn. So expensive for the hard cover. I should stick to my routine buying the paperback cover which will cost me around RM36-RM39.

3. However, i hate when others already complete reading that book. i don't want people to tell me the story before i read it. I need to read it, and i need to read it quickly.

4. I love dan brown book so much. Compare to other book, well, i did not anticipate maybe the sequel to to Ps i love you... no. But i anticipate the sequel to The da vinci code. haha.

5. Other than Harry potter, i guess dan brown's Robert langdon's adventure was fascinating and unchildish. I did't read harry potter actually. haha. But i watch all the movies. Nice. But as you can see, it is natural for me to want something that is heavier and more complicated so my mind would never know what will happen next.

6. Please... give me The lost Symbol for free... haha.. I will collect enough money to buy that book. Wait for me.


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