Shopping For Raya

Well raya is ultimately a shopping season. Everyone don't mind to spend hundreds and thousand ringgits for raya. It does not matter, only once a year. Setahun hanya sekali.

People warned in the TV, there are even TV commercials stating that people should not membazir (wasted) their money during this once a year festival.

the question is, which one should we followed? Should we spend little and celebrate raya with what we have only? Or we spend a little bit more so that we can enjoy this festival.

What if people did not go shopping and just sit down and eat those ikan goreng or ikan rebus with nasi during pagi raya (the first hari raya morning)? Can that be called celebration? Or should they wear t-shirt or last 5 years baju kurung and baju melayu? Would they feel the mood of Raya?

I guess, sometimes, we need to spend more during this festive season and for once, ignore those stereotype voices asking us to save our money.

What is wrong is to spend money to show off to people. For example buying house furniture, expensive clothes, maybe buy a new car, with the intention to show this to other people. This is what we call riak.

But to spend a little more to give your child and yourself a piece of new cloth that you can only afford to get during raya and to buy food for your family to eat and for neigbours, your friends, your relatives, is not wrong. It is a good thing to do.

To decorate your house beautifully, it is not wrong. To buy furniture to replace the old furniture you have been keeping for the last 10 years is not wrong.

In the end, if we celebrate this festival extravagantly, a few years later you would always remember it as a precious moment. Your child will remember it. Your wife will remember it, the whole family will remember it.

Whispering," During that time, our house is fabulous, my cloth is gorgeous, the food is marvelous...".

A time to remember is worth spending your money for.


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