What Happen in My second day of Raya

I want to write something regarding this topic.Regarding what happen in my second day of raya. But i just can't. I don't know why. My hand is numb and my brain is hazy. Why? Is this because of my tiring journey from Labuan to KK today? ( I took a ferry from labuan at 7.30, with delay, arrive at menumbok at 10.30. Then took bus from Menumbok to Kota Kinabalu, with heavy traffic during raya celebration, the bus manage to arrive at 2.30 pm. Then i have to walk to Terminal wawasan to save 50 cent bus fee and there i took a bus to UMS. Arrived at UMS at 4.30 because the bus won't leaved until it was full. And there is no other bus around. Other bus 'cuti raya'). 

I was very tired. Tired. Sore. I slept for 1 hours when i arrived at UMS. I woke up with a simple message in my phone

SMS: Tomorrow 9 am clinical block HQE got meeting. 

That message not only gave me the information about the meeting but also gave me the idea of  I am starting my new posting tomorrow and i am still tired. 

I was thinking, it was fun to be in Raya Holiday years ago. During school years. raya used to be a month while today, raya is only a few days, 2 days or 3 days more precisely. I'm pretty sure that days and days after this, my life would be the hospital and patient, lecture and bed side...that is all. Very not interesting. A long time ago, Raya is the day where i can hang around the house very much i like. It was like the best day in my life, the best day in a year. Now, it is only a mere holiday. 

I really want to write about what i did during my second day of raya. I just can't. Too tired. Need to sleep. need to iron shirt. Need to mentally prepare for bed side tomorrow. 

Can i just please have one more day..... 


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