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Too Phat Review

For the new generation of Malaysia Hip Hop, this is a little bit info on how Hip Hop scene really happen here in Malaysia. haha. I just want to write this entry as a tribute to Too Phat. I guess now i can call them one of the best rappers here in Malaysia and still they is. A little story on how i discover them. Whuttadilly? I never knew about this album. I guess i don't need to know about it. I only know that there are 3 songs which is nice in this album which is Jezzebelle, Too Phat Baby and Bomoh. But during that time, Hip Hop was still an underground culture. Know one is really paying attention to this album Plan B This is the point where i started to discover Too Phat. I remember that i was in Form 1 or 2 when i first listen to 'Anak Ayam' ( the classic hit single from Too Phat). They were nice and so immature at that time. However, i love it because i was too, an immature. So i guess the tune is really synchronize with me. It was easy to accept their music into my

Where is the wise? Short post.

1. I am shocked to find out that some Malaysian are saying Thanks God when indonesia was hit by earthquakes lately. Why? Why do we laugh and say Thanks to God when there are people dying? How bad are we as a Malaysian? How can we deserve to live on this world with an attitude like this?

case Summary

Maybe this time i would write case summary in my entry here. haha. Just for fun. realizing that i have clerked so many patient, why don't i share some of them with the people. By the way, information here is so confidential so all the identification information will be changed or removed. Case 1 A 69 years old male presented to the hospital with the chief complain of localized abdominal pain and distension for 4 days. The pain is localized at the epigastric region, stabbing in nature, non-radiating and aggravated by taking food. It is associated with nausea and vomiting. the vomitus contain partially digested food particles. The distension at the epigastric region was noticed by the patient himself after the epigastric pain occured. On further questioning, patient also loss his appetite and weight since 4 months ago and had an altered bowel habit since 2 months ago. Patient was having difficulty in passing hard and small amount of stool. There were no blood noticed in the stool.


Aku lihat layu dalam Melayu Aku pasti bukan aku seorang saja yang nampak Ada juga bercadang bertanya tuan punya Tapi bercampur risau dengan tak tergamak Nanti dikata tak bersyukur, dikata tak sedar diri Jadi aku menyendiri, memerhati dan akhirnya mengakui Yang kita sendiri Membiarkan bunga raya melayu ke kanan Dan dibiar bunga tak cantik mekar di kiri Aku lihat layu dalam Melayu Tanah air kita yang punya Kita siram, kita baja tapi angin api kita lupa Mereka merancang masa menjilat bangsa 13 harimau bertukar menjadi mangsa Kita lupa nenek moyang kaya-raya Jangan sekali-kali digadai harta-bendanya Ku lihat layu dalam Melayu Ku lihat layu dalam Melayu Ku lihat layu dalam Melayu Takkan Melayu hilang di dunia Ya... tapi apa guna tak hilang di dunia Kalau kewujudan tidak dirasa Petah berbahasa kudrat tak berjasa Orang berbudi kita hanya tahu merasa Selalu lari bila dirapat Selalu malu bila soalan diaju Selalu segan memberi pendapat Rela mengikut dari meneraju Belum nyanyi sudah bersorak

Traditional Medicine = Palliative Medicine

This happen today.. During my bed side teaching with one of our senior lecturer in surgery. It happen when one of my colleague was presenting a case of Colorectal cancer, early stage cancer, Duke's A. My Colleague (A): Patient is planned for surgery however he refuse the surgery and planning to seek alternative medicine. My Lecturer ( H) : Pardon? A: Alternative medicine H: You mean palliative care lah..! A: No doctor, he actually want to try traditional medicine other than the surgery.. H: Same la. Traditional medicine is palliative care la. Further more it will make patient life more short.. palliative lah. We all laugh. Don't know why but it make sense. Traditional medicine can be palliative. It is palliative in this situation. For Adenocarcinoma of the rectum in early stage Duke's A, if you removed it you will have 80%-90% chances of having a quality life. If you did not... it will take only months to spread to other organ and will cause you to suffer until t

Adapting (Malay's not Malay)

I was born Malay and do not talk with me about Malay custom and belief if you yourself do not engage this custom and belief for 23 years of life. So I was lucky to be born in a family which still have their custom and tradition so i would not lost like anyone else. With the concept of 1Malaysia being adapted here in Malaysia, it id becoming more difficult to classify whether a custom or belief is owned by which race. What i want to highlight here is regarding some practice done by Malay which is actually no longer can be practice today. It is outdated. Not to say i am to modern on this but it is a simple thing and with little effort to think, you might get my point here. The first thing is regarding toilet paper. How many Malay use toilet paper? Count them by your finger. I do believe that malay sometime don't want to change. I was kind of annoyed by some Malays who simply classify a malay using toilet paper as non-malay. The saying of " Toilet paper? u want to be chinese ka

Open House Day

So today is my open house day. I went to a friend open house for lunch and a restaurant open house for dinner. What i want to highlight is regarding the restaurant open house.  Do you ever went to an open house organized by a restaurant? Today is my first time. I realized that it is a good tactic for advertising the restaurant. They open the restaurant to everyone and provide generous amount of food to everyone. So nice.  So for the end of this year Raya, I have explored that open house is not limited only to a house which is open for everyone during raya. This year, other than the open restaurant, i also heard of open table organized by my senior. What you need to do is to come to the restaurant he went then you can order food and he will pay.  In the end, open house is not a fixed custom. All we need is to spent our money to charity, to give food to everyone.  I am so full, i can't write anymore.  p/s: Anyway, the restaurant i went for open restaurant dinner today is Casa Raya

Sahabat Kartika

Edisi khas bahasa melayu. Saya berasa sangat aneh pada zaman sekarang ini. Terutamanya apabila mendapat tahu yang mahasiswi di University Malaya menubuhkan kelab sahabat kartika dan menjadikan Kartika seperti idola mereka. Masalahnya, sebagai muslim, kesalahan kartika adalah dosa besar kerana meminum arak malah di tempat awam. Hukuman yang dikenakan ke atas kartika, hanya Tuhan sajalah yang tahu. Cuma apa yang kita tahu beliau akan dijatuhkan hukuman sebat atas kesalahan yang dia lakukan. Jika direnung kembali, perlukah orang sebegini dijadikan idola? Pencuri yang mencuri, dijatuhkan hukuman penjara 6 bulan, adakah pencuri ini perlu dijadikan idola. Pembunuh yang membunuh dan dijatuhkan hukuman bunuh, adakah pembunuh ini perlu dijadikan idola? Sahabat pembunuh? Sahabat pencuri? sahabat peminum arak? Lucu. Namun ada motifnya penubuhan kelab ini untuk memperjuangkan falsafah dan hukum agama namun sepatutnya mereka lebih berhati-hati kerana isu ini

Listening story

Everyday learning about how to take history. Haha. Sometimes i feel boring to learn about it. but to use it is interesting. Different patient will gave different history. It is nice to know what others experienced in their life. Sometimes during on call, i like to talk to some patient not regarding their medical illness but about other thing, their story. I like to listen to them and sometimes this is therapeutic as telling someone your story can relieve your pain. Somehow, i start to realize the importance of history taking. It can make someone comfortable. You will feel comfortable if you tell other regarding your problem. Telling someone who is willing to listen. A good speaker is the one who listen. By this statement, do you realize that there is a lot of bad speaker in this world. When you look at all the people in the media, they talk, they talk brilliantly, you cannot beat them in their manifesto, fact and the flow of their talking. When they meet people, they mixed well with

Stench of Hatred

It is funny to see people who has this stench of hatred yet annoying. We can see that as world become modernized and everything is compete-able, everyone seem to not know how to differentiate this two thing, competition and envious hatred.  I do not know how to comment on people like this. But i do know who are and who are not.  Sometime. everything that you do is always wrong for this type of people, all you write is wrong, and what you say is always incorrect. Contrast to you, everything they do is always write, everything they say is always correct. It is funny.  I guess lot of people are going grow up like this and lot more to be born. Who are there to be blame?  In my opinion, this thing happen because of how that people grew up, how their mother nurture them with envy and always put them in the 'rat race'. Mother always want to the best or their child and no one could be better than them.  In the end, what i've read in Adibah Amin book a few months ago make sense. M


Who say Malaysia's Movie is dead? Not until i watched this very beautiful crafted comedy movie. This movie is so damn good until i want to watch it once again.  The last good malaysia's movie that i saw was Upin and Ipin. However, it is still restricted to be a kids movie. I want to see real movie. Not kids movie.For the past few years, those film such as Sepet won film festival award and everything, but i try to appreciate it but i can't. I guess every award winning movie must be hard to understand like Sepet or Gubra or something. However, papadom has proved that a simple movie can be so good and deserved to be award the highest rank in Malaysia's movie nowadays.  I want to watch Papadom not because I knew from the beginning that it is so good but the fact that it won multiple awards before it even play in local cinema make me grab my wallet and bought those ticket to watch it. I want to see in what aspect that make this movie won that awards. Is it really good? I wa


I don't have any idea to write cause my head is feeling dull right now after having a severe headache for 2 days, non-stop, and not relieve by medication. For once i am thinking of doing lumbar puncture to myself to check whether i got meningitis or something in my meninges or brain. So painful. However, I just take a day sleep but it does not relieved the pain also.  However, i am so grateful and thankful to God today because suddenly the pain disappear and i am back functioning as normal. Still i feel some pain when i do something that increase my intracranial pressure such as sneezing or coughing.  Maybe the fact that i suddenly recover is because something has shock me very hard. What is it? It was my car as usual.  Just around 3 months ago i've spend around rm800 to repair my car, and a few days ago, my car also fall sick along with its owner, that is me. I was having a bad headache and my car was having a bad clutch and flywheel.  With a little bit of headache, i sent h

Patient Patient.

I was so fed up iwth my patient's relative today. What happen is, i was going to clerk this patient and that patient agree to be clerk by me. Patient autonomyis my first priority. However, suddenly this one relative (maybe the son of that patient) suddenly acting clever and tell me " If you want to ask questions, ask the doctor, not the patient, can you see this patient is sick, why must you ask question?". Fair enough, i don't want to start a fight, we are professional, thus i had to leave that patient but more spesifically the relative. The wife of that patient already agree with me, and the patient also. I guess patient autonomy does not apply for their relatives. Fair enough, we still need to respect our patient, and we need to obey them. if they refuse their medication also no problem nowadays because patient have their autonomy. What i want to highlight here is regarding 'asking question' or in medicine it is called history taking. We could not say in ma

Kena percaya

After multiple discussion with my friend, she insist to believe what she used to believe. She still want to believe that 'Kena himpit' is caused by demons, hysteria is caused by demons, everything is demonic. We are living with demons and ghost in this world. How do you fix a fixed belief? You just cannot. No matter what you do. In the end, one party have to admit and to give in. Maybe what we believe is much more important that the reality. Without fix belief, i guess no religion and faith would remain for more than a thousand years in this planet. What we believe is what make us survive until today. And somehow, they would be explanation for everything. For example, since stone age, human are reproducing until it reach almost 6 billions in number today. However, did anyone at that time know that this is caused by two gamets joined together? no. Not until science describe it. And people start to understand it after that. And we accept it. We remember the suffering of Gal


AT FIRST I WAS RECOMMENDING DIGI BROADBAND FOR EVERYONE. IT WAS FAST AND SMOOTH. MY ROOMATE USE IT FOR AROUND 2 WEEKS AND YOUTUBE WAS LIKE HIS NEW TELEVISION CHANNEL. NO LAGGING. VERY STABLE CONNECTION.  AFTER ENOUGH TIME OBSERVING THE BEHAVIOUR OF DIGI BROADBAND, I WAS SATISFIED WITH IT AND IT WAS TIME TO GET ONE FOR MYSELF. aND THIS IS WHAT HAPPEN.  During the first week of using it. two thumbs up. So fast compare to other broadband provider. I was happy and i can do my work more smoothly now.  HOWEVER after that, suddenly Digi got a problem. Spesifically only in my campus Universiti Malaysia sabah. When i use it in KK, no problem, but in UMS.. It was not like its getting slow or something, but it does not want to connect at all. everytime i click connect and error will occur 'error 619 connection to remote host cannot be established so the port used for that connection is closed'.  What is that mean?  So, patiently i went to Digi centre trying to ask about it. Guess what,


So this is it. Today was my first time playing paintball. After thinking of either i want to go or not, in the end i am there playing that game.  I really want to play that game since that game was opened just beside my house in my hometown but i don't have anyone there to play with me. So when my batch (leader: Kim) organized this event, i was so excited yet still thinking whether it is worth it or not.  So the game went smoothly this morning with only a few stress out period in the group but maybe only stress on Kim the organizer not the other, but it is ok. The game was held for fun and fun can come in many way. It can come by running and get multiple shot, or it can come by staying in the base without getting shot, or it can come by running and not getting shot, or running and get to shot someone. haha. In the end, I guess everyone is having fun in their own way.  Maybe a pro won't play like we do, it's ok. We are not. haha.  p/s: I don't know why, i always discus