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Too Phat Review

For the new generation of Malaysia Hip Hop, this is a little bit info on how Hip Hop scene really happen here in Malaysia. haha. I just want to write this entry as a tribute to Too Phat. I guess now i can call them one of the best rappers here in Malaysia and still they is. A little story on how i discover them. Whuttadilly? I never knew about this album. I guess i don't need to know about it. I only know that there are 3 songs which is nice in this album which is Jezzebelle, Too Phat Baby and Bomoh. But during that time, Hip Hop was still an underground culture. Know one is really paying attention to this album Plan B This is the point where i started to discover Too Phat. I remember that i was in Form 1 or 2 when i first listen to 'Anak Ayam' ( the classic hit single from Too Phat). They were nice and so immature at that time. However, i love it because i was too, an immature. So i guess the tune is really synchronize with me. It was easy to accept their music into my

Traditional Medicine = Palliative Medicine

This happen today.. During my bed side teaching with one of our senior lecturer in surgery. It happen when one of my colleague was presenting a case of Colorectal cancer, early stage cancer, Duke's A. My Colleague (A): Patient is planned for surgery however he refuse the surgery and planning to seek alternative medicine. My Lecturer ( H) : Pardon? A: Alternative medicine H: You mean palliative care lah..! A: No doctor, he actually want to try traditional medicine other than the surgery.. H: Same la. Traditional medicine is palliative care la. Further more it will make patient life more short.. palliative lah. We all laugh. Don't know why but it make sense. Traditional medicine can be palliative. It is palliative in this situation. For Adenocarcinoma of the rectum in early stage Duke's A, if you removed it you will have 80%-90% chances of having a quality life. If you did not... it will take only months to spread to other organ and will cause you to suffer until t

Patient Patient.

I was so fed up iwth my patient's relative today. What happen is, i was going to clerk this patient and that patient agree to be clerk by me. Patient autonomyis my first priority. However, suddenly this one relative (maybe the son of that patient) suddenly acting clever and tell me " If you want to ask questions, ask the doctor, not the patient, can you see this patient is sick, why must you ask question?". Fair enough, i don't want to start a fight, we are professional, thus i had to leave that patient but more spesifically the relative. The wife of that patient already agree with me, and the patient also. I guess patient autonomy does not apply for their relatives. Fair enough, we still need to respect our patient, and we need to obey them. if they refuse their medication also no problem nowadays because patient have their autonomy. What i want to highlight here is regarding 'asking question' or in medicine it is called history taking. We could not say in ma