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Adapting (Malay's not Malay)

I was born Malay and do not talk with me about Malay custom and belief if you yourself do not engage this custom and belief for 23 years of life. So I was lucky to be born in a family which still have their custom and tradition so i would not lost like anyone else. With the concept of 1Malaysia being adapted here in Malaysia, it id becoming more difficult to classify whether a custom or belief is owned by which race.

What i want to highlight here is regarding some practice done by Malay which is actually no longer can be practice today. It is outdated. Not to say i am to modern on this but it is a simple thing and with little effort to think, you might get my point here.

The first thing is regarding toilet paper. How many Malay use toilet paper? Count them by your finger. I do believe that malay sometime don't want to change. I was kind of annoyed by some Malays who simply classify a malay using toilet paper as non-malay. The saying of " Toilet paper? u want to be chinese ka?" or " Not clean lar, only chinese do that" is common.

What i discover is, toilet paper is not created for the chinese nor western people or people who are unhygiene. It is a hygiene product. I learn this by using only 0.0001% of my brain.

Simple question: Which one is cleaner? 1. People using water and hand to clean their **** or people who are using toilet paper and water?

Can anybody just think about this? Obvious.

" Who told you to wipe your *** with a toilet paper and forget to use the water? That is unhygiene. But to use both, is much more hygiene.

This is because, your hand will be contaminated when you use it to clean your butt. How can you say this is the most hygiene practice? It is not. Even though you clean your hand with those soap product that claimed to kill 99% of bacteria in your hand, it will not clean your hand effectively. So to clean it is to prevent your hand from touching the most contaminated area in your body.

Another thing is about eating with hand. Most of Malay would scold their children or maybe classified someone as non-malay, or 'lupa daratan" if a malay eat with spoon and fork.

The saying " You already forgot your race ka? You are Malay, use hand la" or " Kacang lupakan kulit sudah, makan pun guna sudu" are common.

The problem is, which one actually is much better. Using your hand that contains numerous bacteria ( for your infoormation, our hand contains a million of normal flora a.k.a bacteria that cannot be removed by cleaning using soap or alcohol. They are our friend) or using a spoon and fork which is hardly have normal flora. Yes spoon and fork can contain bacteria but compare it to our hand, too obvious that our hand cannot be so clean because it contain moisture and media for those bacteria to live, but spoon and fork do not. Bacteria on the spoon is often contaminated from other outer source. But our hands have their own population grwoing for generation.

So eating using utensils is much more hygiene that hand. But Malay would always reject this tradition.

However, some practice of Malay cannot be denied. For example, squatiing toilet. Okay. This is funny. By rejecting the two point i have discussed above, Malay today are adapting to the sitting toilet so rapidly. They did not care of this change. They would say that sitting toilet is much better than squatting. Squatiing is old timer.

They did not realize that physiologically, squatting toilet is the better toilet for us. Squatting is a position which bring benefits to our body. By squatting, you can increase venous return to your heart. You will increase intrabdominal pressure which will help in passing your faeces out from the anus. You don't have to strain a lot when you squat. Another thing is for the girls. Do people know that the best position for delivering a baby is by squatting? Yes. this position is still adapted now in Obstetric practice during delivery. You may not realize that McRobert position that is use if the baby shoulder is stuck is actually a squatiing position on the bed. And this position is often teach to pregnant mother so that in emergency case like that, they can quickly do this position and deliver the baby safely.

Most of western women do not know how to squat, and this is difficult for them when they are pregnant and some obstructed labour happen.

So squatting is physiology. But i do not know why, Malay are trying to abandone this practice. Not only Malay, all other races too. A consultant in Hospital Likas here in Kota Kinabalu once said that the hospital is upgrading the toilet to become sitting toilet but opposed by him because for him, a obstetric ward should have only one toilet which is squatting toilet.

As a conclusion, i am not a person who opposed things blindly like someone else did. For toilet paper, you have an option to use it or not. If you want, you get the benefit, if you don't, at least you wash your ass with water and washed your hand with soap, still no wrong in that. For spoon and fork,, i would never ask people to abandon the technique of eating by hand. Even i would teach my children and future generation to use hand to eat because i don't want them to dependent on utensil. If you stuck somewhere without spoon, you stillc an eat. For toilet issues, i guiess it is your option to use squatting or sitting. Sometime, old people prefer sitting because squatiing make their knee ache. So it depends on the situation. I believe my parent are so clever because my house have 2 toilet, one is sitting and one is squatting. We have choice to use which one. So in the end, unless you do no harm, you are free to choose. But once you burst out racist statement like "toilet paper is for chinese", you are causing harm, and you must start to use your brain in the future to make sure that no more harm can be done by you, to you, others, and your future generation.


  1. agree!
    sebab, aku punya minor thesis pasal apa yg ko tulis ni lah

    bacterial contamination pada door handles toilets di hospital!

    dan aku jumpa e.coli, enterobacteriacea lain2, s.aureus, staph sp., dll.

    ko pun tau kan kalau e.coli digunakan sbg indikasi pencemaran oleh najis? so, pikir logik ar camna bakteria e.coli tu boleh ada kat door handle?

    ini berkait dgn healthcare-associated infection tau.
    so, door handle toilet pun dah jd reservoir.

    aku start pakai tissue kat skolah dulu, st.anthony lah, mana ada air, nasib si CCL bawak tissue, heheh.

    bengong kan? Islam tak larang pun pakai tissue

  2. xda larangan dlm islam. dlm islam, kayu pun bleh.


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