Kena percaya

After multiple discussion with my friend, she insist to believe what she used to believe. She still want to believe that 'Kena himpit' is caused by demons, hysteria is caused by demons, everything is demonic. We are living with demons and ghost in this world.

How do you fix a fixed belief?

You just cannot. No matter what you do.

In the end, one party have to admit and to give in. Maybe what we believe is much more important that the reality.

Without fix belief, i guess no religion and faith would remain for more than a thousand years in this planet. What we believe is what make us survive until today. And somehow, they would be explanation for everything.

For example, since stone age, human are reproducing until it reach almost 6 billions in number today. However, did anyone at that time know that this is caused by two gamets joined together? no. Not until science describe it. And people start to understand it after that. And we accept it.

We remember the suffering of Gallileo when he described regarding the shape of the earth. He suffered and later we understand that he was right.

There is a lot of thing in this world which maybe right but we try to reject them bluntly with out fix belief. It is not a good thing actually. We need to open our mind regarding everything. Another fix belief prohibit this from happening. Do you realize that many elderly people in our society ask us not to doubt because it can cause us to be 'lost' 'murtad' or etc. This is another fix belief.

if you look back in the past, when Islam is in its peak of civilisation, lots of scholar are thinking beyond what have been told to them. They succeed. But we? We afraid.

In the end we need to believe what they believe. If we don't, we might get serious harm seriously. We might get killed just to say something openly. Even though that saying can be deny by other intelligent fact but usually people react not by defending their believe but killing whoever said that nonsense thing of them.

I remember regarding big bang theory, Georges lemaitre. No one believed his theory, even einstein does not believe him. However, now, we do know that he is right. maybe 98% right. Then every religion start to realize that big bang is indirectly mention in their holy book.

However, Lemaitre once said that he do not want religions to conclude his theory because there is so much thing to explain and to explore before you can conclude something. I guess he is right. Religion is right, but we must never conclude it at the early phase of our understanding, because

in the end, there is so much thing to explore before you can understand your own Creator in this world. We are tiny.


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