Listening story

Everyday learning about how to take history. Haha. Sometimes i feel boring to learn about it. but to use it is interesting.

Different patient will gave different history. It is nice to know what others experienced in their life.

Sometimes during on call, i like to talk to some patient not regarding their medical illness but about other thing, their story. I like to listen to them and sometimes this is therapeutic as telling someone your story can relieve your pain.

Somehow, i start to realize the importance of history taking. It can make someone comfortable. You will feel comfortable if you tell other regarding your problem. Telling someone who is willing to listen.

A good speaker is the one who listen.

By this statement, do you realize that there is a lot of bad speaker in this world. When you look at all the people in the media, they talk, they talk brilliantly, you cannot beat them in their manifesto, fact and the flow of their talking. When they meet people, they mixed well with other quickly, people start to think that this kind of people is reliable. However, in the end, people would say " dia tu cakap kosong ( only know how to speak without making thing real)". Why this happen? because this people don't know how to listen.

Listening is much more powerful than speaking. By listening to other, you can control them easily but by talking non stop to them, the rate of people comply with you is lower.

Lstening skill also important in our life. When someone talk, we listen. Wait until there is dot in their line than you can start to speak.

Do you realize since our grandmother's era that lot of people hate people who do not listen?

These people are called 'degil'. Somehow, since a long time ago they realize that you must know how to listen and not only talk.

So now, everytime someone talk to me, i try to listen to them. Honestly i am also not a good listener. But i will do my best.


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