I don't have any idea to write cause my head is feeling dull right now after having a severe headache for 2 days, non-stop, and not relieve by medication. For once i am thinking of doing lumbar puncture to myself to check whether i got meningitis or something in my meninges or brain. So painful. However, I just take a day sleep but it does not relieved the pain also. 

However, i am so grateful and thankful to God today because suddenly the pain disappear and i am back functioning as normal. Still i feel some pain when i do something that increase my intracranial pressure such as sneezing or coughing. 

Maybe the fact that i suddenly recover is because something has shock me very hard. What is it? It was my car as usual. 
Just around 3 months ago i've spend around rm800 to repair my car, and a few days ago, my car also fall sick along with its owner, that is me. I was having a bad headache and my car was having a bad clutch and flywheel. 

With a little bit of headache, i sent her to a workshop and a few hours later they call me and said " to repair this, you need around rm900". Suddenly my headache disappear. Damn!

having a car is a gift and a curse. having an old 1983 car is more to a curse. RM900? I only have rm400 in my bank and it is supposed to be used to buy food for me for the next month. Now? I had to use it for my car. I need to borrow some money from a friend, thank god friend is there to help me. I promise to pay it as soon as possible. I will. 

I was feeling like crazy today. Because i just paid rm900 to a workshop. I can buy a lot of thing with that. I can buy a new hard disk, a new cloth, i can go and eat McD everyday for a month i guess. I was sad, mad, angry,.... 

One more thing that make me angry, the gear problem started a years ago and everytime i went to a wotkshop to fix it, they change the gear oil. Gear oil is not cheap. I have changed it around 3 times. 

The problem does not resolved then i had to check from the internet and within a few seconds, i found that the problem that i am having for the last one year is not related with the gear and gear oil but the clutch. damn. 

Thank god internet was created in this world. 

Now my car driving smoothly on the road. She was so happy, she want to go vroom vroom. I am not. 


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