Open House Day

So today is my open house day. I went to a friend open house for lunch and a restaurant open house for dinner. What i want to highlight is regarding the restaurant open house. 

Do you ever went to an open house organized by a restaurant? Today is my first time. I realized that it is a good tactic for advertising the restaurant. They open the restaurant to everyone and provide generous amount of food to everyone. So nice. 

So for the end of this year Raya, I have explored that open house is not limited only to a house which is open for everyone during raya. This year, other than the open restaurant, i also heard of open table organized by my senior. What you need to do is to come to the restaurant he went then you can order food and he will pay. 

In the end, open house is not a fixed custom. All we need is to spent our money to charity, to give food to everyone. 

I am so full, i can't write anymore. 

p/s: Anyway, the restaurant i went for open restaurant dinner today is Casa Raya restaurant which is located in Alam mesra, Kota Kinabalu. Everyone can try to eat there. I often went there for my dinner. This is not a free ad. I just want to mention it as this is the first time a restaurant gave me free food. I will remember it. 


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