So this is it. Today was my first time playing paintball. After thinking of either i want to go or not, in the end i am there playing that game. 

I really want to play that game since that game was opened just beside my house in my hometown but i don't have anyone there to play with me. So when my batch (leader: Kim) organized this event, i was so excited yet still thinking whether it is worth it or not. 

So the game went smoothly this morning with only a few stress out period in the group but maybe only stress on Kim the organizer not the other, but it is ok. The game was held for fun and fun can come in many way. It can come by running and get multiple shot, or it can come by staying in the base without getting shot, or it can come by running and not getting shot, or running and get to shot someone. haha. In the end, I guess everyone is having fun in their own way. 

Maybe a pro won't play like we do, it's ok. We are not. haha. 

p/s: I don't know why, i always discuss with my friend nadrin regarding our strategy of winning, but when the game start, all the strategy gone. I remember looking at him running so quickly to the front but a few seconds later running back and get shot several time. Hahaha. 

It is for fun. 

p/s: Girls are so great in this game. In the end of every game, several girls will survive but all the guys were already down. haha. 


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