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Who say Malaysia's Movie is dead? Not until i watched this very beautiful crafted comedy movie. This movie is so damn good until i want to watch it once again. 

The last good malaysia's movie that i saw was Upin and Ipin. However, it is still restricted to be a kids movie. I want to see real movie. Not kids movie.For the past few years, those film such as Sepet won film festival award and everything, but i try to appreciate it but i can't. I guess every award winning movie must be hard to understand like Sepet or Gubra or something. However, papadom has proved that a simple movie can be so good and deserved to be award the highest rank in Malaysia's movie nowadays. 

I want to watch Papadom not because I knew from the beginning that it is so good but the fact that it won multiple awards before it even play in local cinema make me grab my wallet and bought those ticket to watch it. I want to see in what aspect that make this movie won that awards. Is it really good? I want to mock it if it turn to be hopeless. 

Now i know why Papadom deserve that awards. This is a very good movie. A creative fresh new movie. Whoever has not yet watch it, please go and watch it and judge it by yourself. From my judgement, i gave this movie 5/5. It was so nice. 

What Papadom all about?

This movie is not actually regarding Papadom ( an indian cracker that is eaten with rice, sometime briyani, and curry). The story is about a father who love his daughter so much until he cannot be apart from his daughter. 

In the movie, element of father daughter relationship is highlighted and some other element such as racial relationship, college student life, actor and celebrity life also included. I like the way this movie show the unity among three races in Malaysia; Malay, Chinese and Indian. 

The intro of this movie is so exciting. Different from other, it started with a 'boria' song and it was so funny to watch people in the street suddenly dancing with the song. With only a song, the introduction is made simple and easy to digest. 

laughter is there all along the movie. No part where you can relax. You have to prepare your guts to laugh out loud in this movie. 

Surprisingly, i could not believe that people would cry watching a comedy movie. but this is what special about this movie, behind the laughter and comedy, the strong heart touching element was inserted without you realizing it. Until you suddenly become labile, laugh in one second, three seconds later you were crying. ( i did not, but my companion did. However, i know why lot of girls in the movie were crying. I also touched by this movie but my ego is much higher than the touching part). 

Usually what failed Malaysia's movie is the ending. Lots of movie rush to the end, whether happy or not. But, this movie did not. It guide to from phase to phase until the end occur. And in the happy ending part, you would still cry and laugh. This two different component seem to mix well in this movie. 

In the end, in the credit part, they will be some 'the making clip' that will sure make you all laugh and have a big smile while walking out from the cinema. 

What i like about the movie?

1. Interesting and easy to understand intro. 
2. Good and easily digested ending
3. All the actor here was 5/5. everyone play their role the best. 
4. Tears was not faked, or even if it did, it look very real. 
5. Simple language to understand
6. Jokes easy to catch and 'slumber'. 
7. Message is clear.
8. Plot is flowing smoothly. 
9. It highlight racial relation in our country. 
10. No boring part at all. 


You need to see this movie and judge it yourself. However, everything written here is based on my mere opinion. Sometimes, a very good movie, but someone still does not like it. You know.... sometime people just cannot judge universally and more to engaging everything locally by their own taste from where they originate. 



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