Stench of Hatred

It is funny to see people who has this stench of hatred yet annoying. We can see that as world become modernized and everything is compete-able, everyone seem to not know how to differentiate this two thing, competition and envious hatred. 

I do not know how to comment on people like this. But i do know who are and who are not. 

Sometime. everything that you do is always wrong for this type of people, all you write is wrong, and what you say is always incorrect. Contrast to you, everything they do is always write, everything they say is always correct. It is funny. 

I guess lot of people are going grow up like this and lot more to be born. Who are there to be blame? 

In my opinion, this thing happen because of how that people grew up, how their mother nurture them with envy and always put them in the 'rat race'. Mother always want to the best or their child and no one could be better than them. 

In the end, what i've read in Adibah Amin book a few months ago make sense. Maybe really mother is the one who are causing all the havoc in this world. It was a joke, but it make sense. 

However, mother do their part and being an envious person is not totally because of mother. it is by ourselves. 

Maybe people say i was ignorant but what i do is to make sure that I did not step into someone else line. So i became 'acuh tak acuh'. I do my own thing, with one person that i want to the thing together, i don't want to get much socialize, i am keeping myself and the one i trust in my side but i do not have intention to collect other by my side. 

People say that i was bumptious... but to think about it...why do they say that? This lead back to the topic i have written here. Envy, envious, envious hatred. 

I guess i have my own target and plan right now, i'm gonna stick to that. 

And in my mind there is only my mother, father, sister,

my special one

a friend or friend who will be part of the plan, our plan, and that is it. 

p/s: i think we should stop the habit of getting to know others and compare it with ourselves. Because we are too imperfect, others should not be like you.  haha. 

Eminem relapse 2 will be released soon. 


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