Too Phat Review

For the new generation of Malaysia Hip Hop, this is a little bit info on how Hip Hop scene really happen here in Malaysia. haha. I just want to write this entry as a tribute to Too Phat. I guess now i can call them one of the best rappers here in Malaysia and still they is. A little story on how i discover them.


I never knew about this album. I guess i don't need to know about it. I only know that there are 3 songs which is nice in this album which is Jezzebelle, Too Phat Baby and Bomoh. But during that time, Hip Hop was still an underground culture. Know one is really paying attention to this album

Plan B

This is the point where i started to discover Too Phat. I remember that i was in Form 1 or 2 when i first listen to 'Anak Ayam' ( the classic hit single from Too Phat). They were nice and so immature at that time. However, i love it because i was too, an immature. So i guess the tune is really synchronize with me. It was easy to accept their music into my life and my cerebral cortex. Lot of 'classiczz' song from Too phat are in this album. This range from Boogie down, Anak ayam, and Just A friend. The latter two become a big hit in Malaysia. I love Just a Friend because the story crafted in that song was fantastic and humorous.

In fact, this is the first CD i ever bought in my life. When this album out, it was still the tape/cassette era. However, i already have my first CD player/CD walkman at that time so i bought Plan B CD and i played it hundred times. I remember all the song in it.

Other classic song in this allbum are illion, It's on you, and wanna battle. All of this songs featured great Malaysia and Singapore hip hop artist nowadays (but unknown during that time) such as Teh Tarik Crew, Reefa, and other so called Phat Family member. Platinum edition of this album includes Clap to This and The Last Song which is also nice to hear.


This is the turning point of Too Phat. From their successful Plan B to become more successful. This album shocked me the first time i listen to it. Even my mother who does not know anything about Hip Hop said that this album is 'bagus and sedap didengar'. Even though not all song are that good but this album include 2 songs that everyone will remember until today which is Just A lil Bit and Alhamdullilah. Alhamdullilah is the best song ever by Too Phat. It was the song which is called by many as the Culture-shifiting song. As Stan by Eminem change the way of hip hop in the west, this song by too phat change the course of hip hop in the east.

Alhamdullilah is beautifully crafted hip hop song and i guess the first hip hop song which combine the element of Nasyid (muslim religious song) into one inseparable tune which ring to our ear for a very long time until now. After this song was released, a lot of hip hop artists in Malaysia start to use this formula and make one on their own. Now Nasyid + hip hop is so common in Malaysia because of this song. Years before this song was released, no one ever think that hip hop can be religious.

Just A Lil Bit featured Warren G from America and the beat for this song is also above expectation.

360 degree album from Too Phat is my 17th birhday gift ( or is it 16th).

Rebirth & Reality

This is by far the last album by Too Phat after their long hiatus after 360. I bought this album for myself. Compare to 360, this album is a little quiet and not much promotion was done for this album. And many called it failure as it does not sell much as before.

However, if i have to choose, i will choose this album as the best from Too Phat.

The best song in this album is Dua Dunia which featured Siti Nurhaliza, the best Malaysian singer up to date. Song was nice but frustrating to Siti Nurhaliza fans as Siti only sing the chorus part of this song and only a bit. Maybe those people does not understand how hip hop song is.

Other great song includes KL, Snap, & How Me Seksi. What i like in this album is, Too Phat look really matured in term of their lyrics, their sentences, their pronouncation. So clear and easy to catch compare to before. The arrangement and the quality of the songs is remarkable.

I would choose this album as the best of Too Phat. Previously Too Phat would rely much on remix and sample song but in this album, they start it fresh. Fresh tune from Too Phat.

Their lyrics are more meaningful in this album as in Dua Dunia, Forgot My Lyrics, KL, and other songs. By listening to this album, you would understand the real Too Phat rather than understanding the hip hop culture in malaysia as they did much in their previous album. The album is more personal to their view as Too Phat and not only highlighting the culture itself. At this point i initially think that Too Phat will become more successful in the future.

however, that is it. No more album from them. Now they are going solo. I guess Malique album entitled Ok! is phenomenon. But Joe Flizzow is a little slow to catch it. I guess if they both work in a same album again, it will be superb.



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