Traditional Medicine = Palliative Medicine

This happen today.. During my bed side teaching with one of our senior lecturer in surgery.

It happen when one of my colleague was presenting a case of Colorectal cancer, early stage cancer, Duke's A.

My Colleague (A): Patient is planned for surgery however he refuse the surgery and planning to seek alternative medicine.

My Lecturer ( H) : Pardon?

A: Alternative medicine

H: You mean palliative care lah..!

A: No doctor, he actually want to try traditional medicine other than the surgery..

H: Same la. Traditional medicine is palliative care la. Further more it will make patient life more short.. palliative lah.

We all laugh. Don't know why but it make sense. Traditional medicine can be palliative. It is palliative in this situation.

For Adenocarcinoma of the rectum in early stage Duke's A, if you removed it you will have 80%-90% chances of having a quality life. If you did not... it will take only months to spread to other organ and will cause you to suffer until the day you die.


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