Where is the wise? Short post.

1. I am shocked to find out that some Malaysian are saying Thanks God when indonesia was hit by earthquakes lately. Why? Why do we laugh and say Thanks to God when there are people dying? How bad are we as a Malaysian? How can we deserve to live on this world with an attitude like this?


  1. zaki, aku rasa entri ni sgt sensitif.

    ko tak pernah tau apa org2 indo kutuk malaysia pulak.

    hari tu time gempa, ada status fb ex-kawan aku, maksud dia lebih kurang cam ni

    "gempa kat indo pun malaysia nak claim, ambek lah kalau nak! hahahahahaahaha"

    sensitif tak dia? padahal byk yg mati gempa hari tu.

    ini lah contoh kejahatan dibalas dengan kejahatan.

    tapi sbg org yg boleh berfikir, benda tu semua tak perlu kan?

    aku harap kau delete la entri ni, masih byk contohh yg jauh lebih jahanam dr contoh kat atas tu


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