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3 Movies Review.

Ok, instead of reviewing one movie at a time like i use to do, this time i will make it three. Supposed to be 4 but i really don't want to comment on Christmas Carol. The first movie i want to review is Twilight New moon. Twilight New Moon This movie is so 'scary' as i can see that girls can kill for this movie, can break up with their boyfriend for this movie and they can do anything for this movie. Girls power are proven as this movie gain a millions on its opening day. 'Scary'. So i went to watch this movie, honestly, not my type of movie, i did not watch the first one because everyone said " Too dull, boring, not many action, girls type movie". So when i went to watch this sequal, i am not biased because i did not watch the first one. I am judging it as it is the first story from Twilight i ever see. So, in term of stars, i gave this movie 4 over 5 stars! Not bad. The story is flowing easily to be digest and the quarrel between wolf and vampire


1. I have witness so many variety of human style, whim, since a few years ago. Sometimes, people act like the most stupid person in the world but still, they never see it. I don't know why. 2. I was inside a lift and ready for my way down from level 8 when i found that all the level number inside the lift had been pressed. So i have to stop at every level of the building. People who this kind of stuff, it the most selfish person in the world. Why do they need to make others life miserable like them? Obviously their life are miserable since happy people won't do this kind of thing. 3. I was inside a coach bus on my way to my hometown. The bus is fully aircond and suddenly i smell something in the air. There is people smoking in the bus. I guess i have written about this before. I am stressing that smoking is harmful to you and people around you. I guess, a person who smoked is stupid enough to read a sign which can be read by a first grade student. " No Smoking". 4.

ICORM 2009

This is the 2nd International conference of Rural Medicine held in UMS today. Actually, i am not sure why i participate in this conference but i remember they ask a few weeks ago to 5th year student, whoever want to become representative you can submit your name, and all i think at that time is the free meal they would give during this conference so then, i go and submit my name. I thought that during this conference i can sleep or be lazy but then, it was kind of interesting until i kept my eye open and my ears listening to all the presentation through out the day. During this conference, they are multiple symposium with different title of presentation and you can choose which symposium you want to enter. At first, i chose symposium 2 listening to all the challenges in rural healh in Sabah. In the afternoon, i choose symposium 1 talking about health globalisation or something but i don't like it and i can't stand it. So i went to free oral paper presentation. I manage to

Animal and Me!

Even though i am not a vegetarian, but i don't hate animal. So to prove this, i went to Tuaran Crocodile farm last yesterday to show my appreciation to various kind of animals. This is a deer i guess. I don't know the exact name for it..haha. but it look delicious if we grilled it. No. I won't eat them because they are cute and still alive in front of me. I came to this farm not to eat the animal to just look at them and learn things from them. So many thing we can learn from animal. By looking at them, we will feel lucky because we are human and we do not have to suffer like them in the cage. Should thing like this be stopped? I don't know. Some people might against the idea of caging an animal for exhibition. However, i am sure if you let this deer wander around, they might only live for a few second before somebody grilled them with pepper and salt, and few other spices. The reason i went to this place is too see crocodile. This is by far the third time i went t

Food Entry 4 (Kota Kinabalu)

Okay, this time i will introduce Grill Lokan ( a type of shell or clam or whatever). This cuisine can be found in Jalan Sulaman at road side on the way to Tuaran. This place that we cannot even call a restaurant or stall as it does not look like one offering only 3 menu. This grilled lokan, Coconut puding and burned coconut. Regarding the grilled lokan, it was so fresh i guess. They just grilled it on charcoal and they add some chili and lime juice on top of it. It cost RM10 for at least 40 pieces of grilled lokan depending on the size. If you choose the big one, it will only consist of maybe 30 pieces. So we done eating those lokan. It was served with soya sauce, vinegar and chili as a dip. This is coconut puding. It is very famous until everyone who went along this road need to take a stop and grab a this refreshing cold pudding. Cost RM2 per cup. This is something different I have tasted today. It was burned coconut. If you look at the coconut before they open it as in this

Finishing Holiday week

First of all.. within this one week holiday, there is nothing much that i do in my university since i am broke and i guess you can't go anywhere fun without money. But that does not mean that you cannot have fun without money. I have fun doing something simple such as running around UMS. It was tiring and fun. As lot of people aware, UMS is the most beautiful university in Malaysia and i am proud and so lucky to be here. Where else you can get a very beautoful scenary without going outside your university? Everyday wake up with a lot of oxygen from the green environment, and there is so many place to go running around when you have free time. I guess my holiday this time was not so boring as i expect it to be when i'm broke. Going around my university and doing nothing is enough fun for me. haha. Don't know why i am writing this entry.

Food Entry Relapse

This is mango cheese cake we bought from multibake to celebrate my girlfriend's 23th birthday. And believe what, this cake was awesome. So nice. I could not believe there is something this delicious. The top of it is like mango puding with some white brown fruit (which i don't know what it is but it taste sweet and sour like plum). Below the layer of mango puding is cheese cream and the floor of it consist of sponge cheese cake. So delicious... nyum nyum. I recommend this to all of you. Get it at Multibake kota kinabalu ( i bought in Oneborneo branch) for oly Rm3.80 per piece.

Late Night Post

1. First of all.. i am not sure to classify this as a late night post or early morning post since it is already morning at this moment. 2. Today's Khutbah during friday prayer caught my attention. It says that muslim does not prepare well for celebrating aidiladha which fall on 27 november 2009 this year. This is because most of the animal that will be sacrificed is poor nourish and does not match the criteria of being a sacrifice. I don't know. Not sure. But i do believe this since every year, the cow that they are going to cut is thin and look unhealthy. I guess, this fact can be use to improve ourselves in future. We need be more sincere in what we are doing. 3. I guess i hate vegetarian the most. Not those monk or maybe a buddhist who does not eat meat. They do it for their belief and religion which i will not offend. I am talking about vegetarian, that promote other to become vegetarian. Is vegetarian even a religion which you can preach other to become one? And i shoul

Rat Race

UPSR result out today. I've been watching all the responds from those who success in their standard 6 examination in the television. Some cry, some laugh, some excited. I have been through their emotion. Emotion of getting what you deserve for studying so hard and make your parent proud. Congratulation to all of the young generation which will become the future leader of our country. However, something bothered me. Not only the students interviewed in the TV but also some of their parent. From some of the responds I heard, some of the parent are kind of labeling their children as a 'product' that they created which i think is not appropriate thing to do. Yes, for years, we have been bounded in a traditional way of parenting yet day by day we are experiencing some changes in the way we look at out children. Children are not a product that parent create but an asset which parent nourish and shape. I guess we should not live in a mindset of 'rat race' where childre

Act cool like a fool

23 years living in this world, this earth, small earth, i have seen so many things and so many type of people. One type of people i would like to highlight here is a group of people who want to act cool but turn out they are look like a fool. Did coolness embedded in our gene? No one sure about that. But there are certain people who are so cool until we cannot deny about it. And most of this people are cool naturally. By the way, what is definition of cool in my perspective. I could not define it as dictionary do but i do know how a cool people act and talk and treat you. When someone is so cool, even he is a guy, i can feel it and i sense it good and i would always know he is really cool. But if that people is acting cool like a fool, much easy to sense it. For example, a guy who want to ride a bus have to queue up in a very long line under a hot sun. Then the bus come. A guy who are infront of the line suddenly let all the girls go into the bus first, everyone of them. Is this

The most stupid person in the world.

A friend of mine throw me a simple question to discuss when we were sitting in a coffee house drinking coffee. " Who is the most stupid person in this world?" There will be a lot of answer to that question. Everyone can answer with their own opinion. It is a quite interesting question. For a traditional person or a small kids, living in malaysia, the answer would be Pak Pandir or something. Yes, it is true that Pak Pandir is quite dumb and stupid yet he is still only a story. Whether he exist or not, no one knows. For a person who have an open mind and education, the answer would be more serious and would be supported with fact and lots of opinion. An educated friend of mine would answer, politician is the most stupid person. This is because they never learn from their mistake, always praise themselves and never realize that people are against them while keep saying that they have supporters. Could not agree more yet i still doubt that. Politician for me is a clever pe

Do no Harm

It was raining outside. The day is so dark today. I don't know what to do and what to write and what to think anymore. My surgical senior posting exam already finish. I've learn a lot during this posting. I guess surgery is so nice and enjoyable. I never met a surgeon who look so depress and stress. As compare to medicine, surgery has more life component on it. I'm going to medical posting within 2 weeks. I am so anxious about it. Medicine look so stressful yet medicine is why i went to medical school. So i will do my best. I guess no matter where your medical school is, all medical student is miserable. If a medical student does not feel miserable, then i guess that is a bad warning sign. I am in no position to talk regarding the quality of doctors today but somehow, i need to talk about it. My medical school, is a not that 5 star medical school where no one can doubt regarding it standard. Mine is a new school with only 2 batch practicing now in hospital. We are bein

Time Travel

What will you do if you can travel back in time? A friend of mine asked this question to me. Before I gave my answer, he would describe on how he will change his whole life by travelling back to the past. It was fun to imagine. One would go back in time and maybe instead of being a boring medical student, maybe he/she could be a genius physics student with multiple dean list and awards every year. One would go back and change his/her decision so that he/she would not lose a friendship. One would go back and I instead being one of the nerd guys in class, he/she could be the most famous girl in town. Every day, we have a lot of decision to do. Up until now, I am 23 years old and I know that in my past, I made thousand of decision. It is like a puzzle. A game, once you step forward, you cannot go back. After a long list of what people are going to do when they can travel through time, the question goes to me. What will I do? What will I do if I can travel back in time. It is so fun to

I forgot my patient.

The most shameful thing happen to me today. It is actually started last week when i clerk this patient and i found out that she have relatives somewhere in my hometown and she keeps telling me that she know my family. Maybe she made a mistake however, i do realize that she did have relatives in my village. So i sit and spend some more time with her talking about my family and village. It has been a long time since I use my Brunei dialect so i have fun chattering with her. And today, as usual i woke up at 5.45 am, prepare myself to go to the hospital, took some dull rushing breakfast, then i was there in the hospital early in the morning. full with my fully equipped medical student gear consist of stethoscope, log book, a pen torch, a few blank paper as a clerking sheets, and i walk to the ward confident to clerk patient. And the first room i went is my usual room that has been allocated to me. The first patient i saw was a lady sitting on the bed. I quickly approach to her and ask he

My 5 years laptop.

This is my 5 years old laptop. Anyone interested?

Anti traditional Medicine

Today i woke up early and went to Gaya Street. Gaya Sreet is a place somewhere in Kota Kinabalu and every sunday, a big 'tamu' (). It was nice to be there in sunday morning, you could buy most of the thing that you want from cloth, to local craft, to fruits, cakes and everything. You can also buy pets such as cats, hamster or dogs. Cat is quite expensive. The cheapest one cost rm360 (pure breed siamest cat). During my visit there, i also found a lot of traditional medicine sold by different stall and almost all claimed that their product is the cure of everything. There is one stall promoting a bottle of dark fluid to me and claimed that the fluid can lower your blood pressure and cure many other disease. When asked about how it could do such thing, the girl promoter told that the fluid will cause increase in inside body temperature and this suppose to bring benefit to you, or is it? Lot of people attentively listening to the explanation. On what basis that thing could lower