Act cool like a fool

23 years living in this world, this earth, small earth, i have seen so many things and so many type of people.

One type of people i would like to highlight here is a group of people who want to act cool but turn out they are look like a fool.

Did coolness embedded in our gene? No one sure about that. But there are certain people who are so cool until we cannot deny about it. And most of this people are cool naturally.

By the way, what is definition of cool in my perspective. I could not define it as dictionary do but i do know how a cool people act and talk and treat you. When someone is so cool, even he is a guy, i can feel it and i sense it good and i would always know he is really cool. But if that people is acting cool like a fool, much easy to sense it.

For example, a guy who want to ride a bus have to queue up in a very long line under a hot sun. Then the bus come. A guy who are infront of the line suddenly let all the girls go into the bus first, everyone of them.

Is this cool? No this is an act to show you are cool. Not cool. Do you know how much suffering other guys have to wait before getting into the bus just you want to act cool in front of the girls? This is fool not cool.

When you are a usual customer in a restaurant, you came to restaurant with a big smile and then simply take your food ignoring other people who are waiting for their food earlier than you. You must feel very cool but hell no. You are acting like a fool. A cool person does not do that. Luckily you are dealing with a calm and patient guy, if not, your act of cool with be paid by a haematoma in your eye.

You wear jeans and a t-shirt with a big letter on it saying "fuck" or " I am Metal". You walk around arrogantly and sit at the road side and you are teasing every girl you see passing in front of you. You think you are cool... Obviously every reader of my post here would say "hell no". You like a dump of our society.

You are watching a show, not a concert, a show. Maybe some annual dinner or something where they must be some people who are presenting their talent on the stage, then you suddenly shouting loudly " Woohoo! Tu dia!" or "That's nice, one more time one more time" or " Boooo, stupid! Go back to you village"... you must feel you are so cool at that time but then you are the only person shouting!!! Not cool. Not cool.

Girls also can be quite fool when she try to act cool. I guess, by acting cool, you already look like a fool.

Usually a girl who want to act cool, become a girl who always ignore and look at other with a disgust even though a person does not do anything at all.

Another type of girl who want to act cool is when she started to acknowledge other to be not cool, and that is when she actually look so much fool.

I like cool people. People who when you ask question answer it honestly. A person who wear something that fit to him/her. A person who does not busy with other stuff. A person who do their own thing and be themselves. Person who always smile and laugh when you talk to them. People who are humble. Cool people.

We cannot acquire coolness. We cannot inherit it. How do people become so cool? Experience is the answer. Wise people who have lot of experience usually will automatically become cool. Do you realize how cool is your father? Did he became cool because he inherited it from your grandfather? I guess not. It is because he already been through a lot of things in his life. So ultimately, when you were born and now you are 23 years old, he must have live more than you do. So our father is the coolest person in the world. Your father too.

but ourselves? please.... we are not cool enough and please don't act like a fool to be cool. Just be ourselves. be yourself. Be myself. when we have kids later, i believe that we will be the coolest person, the coolest mother and father, in the whole world.


  1. Ludacris: Act a Fool? haha... am i cool? or cold? like pie... haha


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