Animal and Me!

Even though i am not a vegetarian, but i don't hate animal. So to prove this, i went to Tuaran Crocodile farm last yesterday to show my appreciation to various kind of animals. This is a deer i guess. I don't know the exact name for it..haha. but it look delicious if we grilled it.

No. I won't eat them because they are cute and still alive in front of me. I came to this farm not to eat the animal to just look at them and learn things from them. So many thing we can learn from animal. By looking at them, we will feel lucky because we are human and we do not have to suffer like them in the cage. Should thing like this be stopped? I don't know. Some people might against the idea of caging an animal for exhibition. However, i am sure if you let this deer wander around, they might only live for a few second before somebody grilled them with pepper and salt, and few other spices.

The reason i went to this place is too see crocodile. This is by far the third time i went to this farm. I don't like crocodile, in fact i fear them. Still, i enjoyed spending my time in this farm. Plus, this is my last saturday before i start medical posting. I will be busy then. So, i rather spend my time with the crocodile here. haha.

Do you know that crocodile can jump? I have witness a jumping crocodile when i was in Sarawak earlier this year. It can jump around 2-3 meters high. By this fact, i feel insecure when i visit this farm. Are you aware that the fences for this farm is not that high? Maybe Tuaran crocodile cannot jump like the one in Sarawak. I hope so.

What do we called Ikan Keli in English? I am so sorry because my english is terrible. Is it catfish? i don't know. But this is Ikan keli. So huge and many. All are hungry. If you fell into this pond, you will immediately die because this fish is poisonous. But we can eat it. It taste nice. The poison only localized to its... ( somewhere in its body, like a stung).

It is really big you know. Can you see that? A size of my gf arms. If we grilled this fish, we can eat it for maybe at least 2-3 months. haha.

What is so special about Tuaran Crocodile farm is you can feed the animal. Not like other farm where you only can watch them from the other side of the fence. This interactive features make this farm more interesting and fun, especially for the kids.

This is one of the reason i went to this farm. I love these beaver. aren't they cute? So cute. Sometimes the word beaver sound nude to me.

Haha. they look fierce but still cute and adorable. They are waiting for my fish. Yes. We can feed them too here. You can buy a live fresh fish and feed them. I gave them 10 fish but still they are hungry and keep asking for more.

I don't want to give more fish because i felt very terrible throwing a live fish to them. The fish keep swimming away very fast to save his life but in the end, it was caught by one of the beaver and get chewed alive! I don't know whether i am doing good or not by feeding the poor little beaver or should i have mercy for the fish?

This is rare to see. A crocodile lifted up by a man (performer). His intention is to show the audience the most expensive part of crocodile skin, its belly. It cost around 5k-9k depending on the age of the crocodile and the species. Wow. There is money in its belly.

Humm..oral inspection. Mouth examination. This one is a huge crocodile and it is very aggresive. But i guess does not matter how aggresive you are, you still can put some good show for the audience. The crocodile named Bujang Tuaran. Most big crocodile are given surname 'bujang'. this is influence from Bujang Senang which is the most famous crocodile here in Malaysia.

Another pond full of big fish.

This is the last animal i want to show here. It is called bearcat. I am not sure whether it really named bearcat or it is call bearcat because it look like a bear + cat. It look aggresive. And the claw is sharp like bear.

To our suprise this animal is so gentle and it only eat fruits and vegetables. Haha. It look scary and flesh eating but it does not. It is so cute. The way he ate, look just like a cat. but its claw really look like a bear.

So, that is it. I am showing my appreciation to animal. Hmm...this is my end of my holiday. After this, every entry in my blog would be talking around medicine and medicine some more i guess. haha. I love holiday. Who does not?

I want to have holiday like the old time... or at least like other courses in the university. The non-medicine one. I really envy them when they have 1 months holiday and 3 months holiday every year and semester. Me? I never taste end of year holiday since i enter medical school. I guess life as a medical student is not the same like other college student. hate it yet i am so lucky to be in it. maybe i will find my life later..


  1. NICE!!!!!!!! jelesnya~ cm lama suda ni x tengok binatang2~


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