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Do no Harm

It was raining outside. The day is so dark today. I don't know what to do and what to write and what to think anymore.

My surgical senior posting exam already finish. I've learn a lot during this posting. I guess surgery is so nice and enjoyable. I never met a surgeon who look so depress and stress. As compare to medicine, surgery has more life component on it.

I'm going to medical posting within 2 weeks. I am so anxious about it. Medicine look so stressful yet medicine is why i went to medical school. So i will do my best.

I guess no matter where your medical school is, all medical student is miserable. If a medical student does not feel miserable, then i guess that is a bad warning sign.

I am in no position to talk regarding the quality of doctors today but somehow, i need to talk about it.

My medical school, is a not that 5 star medical school where no one can doubt regarding it standard. Mine is a new school with only 2 batch practicing now in hospital. We are being humiliated and torture because they need us to bring the name of the school on the list. So stress about it. And we always classified to be inferior. However, i guess that is not true after all. Maybe not all, but some of our graduates were excellent in hospital. My senior is so excellent. but when it came to my batch, there it goes again the same question, we are terrible, and we are the worst batch and everything.

But when i am doing my surgical posting, i've found that there are people who are more terrible than us, and those people are doctors. We are still med student so we are not doing harm to others right now but what about doctors who already practiced but look so terrible.

What i mean here is regarding some houseman who does not even know how to palpate abdomen (even blindly palpate without knowledge). And some house officer doctor who does not know how to examine cranial nerve which is i think, the thing that always being repeated in my medical school. We are scolded because our skills are not excellent but at least we know.

(house officer is doctors who just recently graduated from medical school).

where does this doctors came from? I can assure you that from my observation, all this doctors that i am talking about right here is graduates from overseas.

My point here is, not regarding those doctors, don't care about them, but i just wondering, how much goverment pay for them studying oversea?

A friend of mine said to me that what if those money are used to build a hospital in sabah, it would be enough.

That is my point. What is the point sending this people to study from somewhere who does not teach a doctor how to examine patient? No point right.

I guess, people should think about this. The tax that people pay every year, were use to create a doctor who can bring more harm than good.

p/s: I learn my lesson. When i look at them, i reflect it to myself. And i will prepare hard to make sure that i don't be like them. This mean that they also a part of experience and i should thank them for teaching me a good lesson. By the way, i am not saying that every oversea student are no good. I have friends studying medicine oversea and guess what, i hope they do not came back to Malaysia since if they do, they would be better than me and surely they will kick my ass in hospital. haha.


  1. Good one... don't worry if they will kick ur ass... i think u will be tougher than them physically and mentally :) look fwd for ur next write up bro~

  2. hehe. nanti ada waktu, aku cerita pasal attitude student medicine asal Malaysia kat tempat aku k!

    len kali ko tanya, dorang bljr kat mana. skali nya dari U aku kann? lol.

    harap2 la aku dah utilize sebaik mungkin peluang bljr di sini. supervisor aku je level consultant, rugi kalau tak gunakan peluang ni...

  3. jan risau shan, i'm sure they are not from your side. huhu.

  4. beg to differ!
    sebab aku dah dgr cerita yg dokter2 lulusan *sini* macam bodo time dekat *sana*.

    sebab kawan aku yang ambil farmasi, ayah dia kerja kat spital, katalah kat spital tu ada dokter dr *sini* yang .....


  5. beg to differ!
    sebab aku dah dgr cerita yg dokter2 lulusan *sini* macam bodo time dekat *sana*.

    sebab kawan aku yang ambil farmasi, ayah dia kerja kat spital, katalah kat spital tu ada dokter dr *sini* yang .....



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