Finishing Holiday week

First of all.. within this one week holiday, there is nothing much that i do in my university since i am broke and i guess you can't go anywhere fun without money. But that does not mean that you cannot have fun without money. I have fun doing something simple such as running around UMS. It was tiring and fun.

As lot of people aware, UMS is the most beautiful university in Malaysia and i am proud and so lucky to be here. Where else you can get a very beautoful scenary without going outside your university? Everyday wake up with a lot of oxygen from the green environment, and there is so many place to go running around when you have free time.

I guess my holiday this time was not so boring as i expect it to be when i'm broke. Going around my university and doing nothing is enough fun for me. haha.

Don't know why i am writing this entry.


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