Food Entry 4 (Kota Kinabalu)

Okay, this time i will introduce Grill Lokan ( a type of shell or clam or whatever). This cuisine can be found in Jalan Sulaman at road side on the way to Tuaran. This place that we cannot even call a restaurant or stall as it does not look like one offering only 3 menu. This grilled lokan, Coconut puding and burned coconut.

Regarding the grilled lokan, it was so fresh i guess. They just grilled it on charcoal and they add some chili and lime juice on top of it. It cost RM10 for at least 40 pieces of grilled lokan depending on the size. If you choose the big one, it will only consist of maybe 30 pieces.

So we done eating those lokan. It was served with soya sauce, vinegar and chili as a dip.

This is coconut puding. It is very famous until everyone who went along this road need to take a stop and grab a this refreshing cold pudding. Cost RM2 per cup.

This is something different I have tasted today. It was burned coconut. If you look at the coconut before they open it as in this picture, it look just like a blank charcoal coconut which does not seem to be edible. But when they open it like this, i guess it is edible. The taste is somewhat different from fresh coconut. A little bit more strong. I don't know why they burn it. I prefer the fresh one.

If you are in Kota Kinabalu Sabah, you should maybe at least try this few cuisine i have introduce here. But if you are scared to hawker food for the risk of acquiring food borne diseases, i guess i would not recommend you this. However, if you want to taste something different, it worth giving a try.


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