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1. I have witness so many variety of human style, whim, since a few years ago. Sometimes, people act like the most stupid person in the world but still, they never see it. I don't know why.

2. I was inside a lift and ready for my way down from level 8 when i found that all the level number inside the lift had been pressed. So i have to stop at every level of the building. People who this kind of stuff, it the most selfish person in the world. Why do they need to make others life miserable like them? Obviously their life are miserable since happy people won't do this kind of thing.

3. I was inside a coach bus on my way to my hometown. The bus is fully aircond and suddenly i smell something in the air. There is people smoking in the bus. I guess i have written about this before. I am stressing that smoking is harmful to you and people around you. I guess, a person who smoked is stupid enough to read a sign which can be read by a first grade student. " No Smoking".

4. I was in a mall when i see a group of young teen girl dressing half naked walking around. A guy glimpse at them and they start to mock offensively saying that group of guy is perverted. Luckily it was not me. It's funny that a girl half naked walking around in public are hoping that no one would look at them because they are half naked. I guess dressing code are getting worse and worse. People should be taught about dressing code. What do you need to wear in the mall, what do you need to wear in a dinner party or whatsoever. Because i could not think of a reason on why a girl dress like that doing in the mall? They supposed to be at the beach.

5. I was in cinema and there is people who was very excited until every movement in the movie accompany by the word " Wow", "Gila", "Barulah", "Padan muka kau", " Jangan". Like the movie would change. Sometimes there is a scene where we could not resist to say this word but. every "movement" = seconds?

6. I was in a line of queue to order my food in a fast food restaurant when suddenly a person in front of me start to "loyar buruk" with the girl behind the counter. I don't know how to translate loyar buruk in English. They just talk nonsense. Example - Cashgirl: yes sir, what do you like to eat? The 'idiot lawyer': Makan angin.
Then he and his friend laugh. Do they get paid for that? Do their time really that cheap? I guess so. If not why do they waste so much time by doing a nonsense conversation when there is a long line up behind them?

What is actually people today are thinking? There is so many other idiot situation i have encounter and the number is increasing everyday? Why thus our society becoming more stupid today? Is there is problem in our education system? Not really. This is common sense. Common sense. People lack of common sense.

maybe people look at me and think that i am a little slow, not a type of guy who can burst a hundreds word during a quarrel. I may slow in my act. But i use my common sense when i do act. Sometimes i am a little blur but i won't do anything that can effect other because of the lack of common sense in my action.

Please..please save me from the world of idiocy like this.


Just joking. people can be anything they want. being an idiot is ok instead of being nothing at all.


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