Rat Race

UPSR result out today. I've been watching all the responds from those who success in their standard 6 examination in the television. Some cry, some laugh, some excited. I have been through their emotion. Emotion of getting what you deserve for studying so hard and make your parent proud. Congratulation to all of the young generation which will become the future leader of our country.

However, something bothered me. Not only the students interviewed in the TV but also some of their parent. From some of the responds I heard, some of the parent are kind of labeling their children as a 'product' that they created which i think is not appropriate thing to do.

Yes, for years, we have been bounded in a traditional way of parenting yet day by day we are experiencing some changes in the way we look at out children. Children are not a product that parent create but an asset which parent nourish and shape.

I guess we should not live in a mindset of 'rat race' where children are equal to the rat and the race begin when other children reach a step forward from ours.

I'm myself is still too young and do not have a child on my own. But i believe that competing your child as you pleased is wrong. I would never want myself to be in that race however, i guess i am since my parent also a traditional parent. However, my parent is one of those parent who are lucky to be in the right direction. Since the race does not actually predict the future you want to be, the result may vary. Your child may be become what you want and he/she want, or he/she may become a person that you want but they did not. This will create an 'anomaly' which sometimes result in creating a monster and a big headache.

I am opposed to the theory of 'creating a child'. I believe, guiding your children is enough. What he/she become later, is her own decision.

maybe for a standard 6 children, rat race is not a problem. But when they reach the level where their hormone got kick up and surge rapidly, you would have a lot of argument as a result of the race you have started.

Sometimes children want to be what you asked them to be, but not all of them would. Our mindset should be changed. Help our children to become a human, not ordering them to be.

I hope when i have a child, i would go back and read this post so that i would remember someday, that my children is what they want to be.

p/s: One of the respond from the successful UPSR student's parent in the TV - " I have prepare my child since standard 1 for this. It is consistent and by this consistency, he scored 5A. I am happy".

Fuh. Give them a break. I guess that child already lost his 6 years childhood for that single 'rat race'.

p/s 2: I scored 5A in UPSR, 8A in PMR, 8A 1B in SPM, 3.88/4 pointer in Matriculation college and i believe i am also in the race. But to make people understand, I am lazy enough to go to school until i was in standard 3, and did not know how to do math until 4. I play much during PMR and i am myself shocked that scored 8A. I study and play in my SPM. I enjoyed too much in matriculation college. And when i enter medical school, i start to understand that we need to enjoy or life more than i have done before.

however, med school is too hard for that. even though i am not the top scorer, i still find it hard. Chow chow to study........

p/s 3: One kid say in TV just now, that he want to become a doctor. I hope their parent would guide him and make his study enjoyful until he reach his ambition. I too, have that ambition when i score 5A in UPSR and thank God i am in med school right now.


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