ICORM 2009

This is the 2nd International conference of Rural Medicine held in UMS today. Actually, i am not sure why i participate in this conference but i remember they ask a few weeks ago to 5th year student, whoever want to become representative you can submit your name, and all i think at that time is the free meal they would give during this conference so then, i go and submit my name. I thought that during this conference i can sleep or be lazy but then, it was kind of interesting until i kept my eye open and my ears listening to all the presentation through out the day.

During this conference, they are multiple symposium with different title of presentation and you can choose which symposium you want to enter. At first, i chose symposium 2 listening to all the challenges in rural healh in Sabah. In the afternoon, i choose symposium 1 talking about health globalisation or something but i don't like it and i can't stand it. So i went to free oral paper presentation.

I manage to only listen to 2 free oral paper presentation which is about melidiosis and another one regarding new technique of tubal exteriorization and ligation or something.

at 4 pm, i went to listen to the forum discussing the global rural health challenge.

I love this conference since i can hear different perspective of rural health from many countries such as nigeria, sri lanka, australia, etc.

The key person for this year conference is Prof Victor Inem from Nigeria. His key presentation is about rural health in nigeria. He was briliant, plus he sang a fun song during ICORM dinner later after the forum end.

This picture is taken by someone (not so good, shaking) maybe the camera is lousy. In this picture, there is speakers from ministry of health Malaysia, Dr.safura Jaafar (the one with pink tudung) and Dhinesh Bhaskaran, advocate and solicitor of high court of Malaya from KL, number three from the right.

From the left is Dr.Wendy Shoesmith (Psychiatrist, Medical School UMS), Tan Zi Han (Med Stud), Dr.Safura ( MOH), Shah Nadrin (Med Stud),Kim Heng Shee (Med Stud), Connie Liew ( Med stud), Ahmad Sheehan (med Stud), Dhinesh Bhaskaran (lawyer), AP Chin su liong in the front ( Deputy Dean Medical school UMS), Zuhaidi (med stud), And lastly me........

Tomorrow will be the second day of ICORM 2009. Hope there will be more interesting thing happening.


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