Time Travel

What will you do if you can travel back in time? A friend of mine asked this question to me. Before I gave my answer, he would describe on how he will change his whole life by travelling back to the past.

It was fun to imagine.

One would go back in time and maybe instead of being a boring medical student, maybe he/she could be a genius physics student with multiple dean list and awards every year.

One would go back and change his/her decision so that he/she would not lose a friendship.

One would go back and I instead being one of the nerd guys in class, he/she could be the most famous girl in town.

Every day, we have a lot of decision to do. Up until now, I am 23 years old and I know that in my past, I made thousand of decision. It is like a puzzle. A game, once you step forward, you cannot go back.

After a long list of what people are going to do when they can travel through time, the question goes to me. What will I do?

What will I do if I can travel back in time. It is so fun to imagine however, I was pretty shocked when my friend ask me this question, and I came with a silent answer. Silent. I could not think of a thing that I want to change in my past. It seem that every decision I have made, I never regret it and I never want to change it even if I could.

How strange am I? I was so excited to answer the question but I do not have an answer to it.  What did I do wrong in the past? A lot. Which one do you regret? None. Which one you want to change even if you don't regret it? None.

In the end, I can't think of an answer.

I failed so many times but I do not want to change that because my failure that make me here today still struggling for the best. I lost friends but I do not want to change that because I lost friend because of a reason, it would be disastrous if I continue with it. I made a mistake, but from it I learn. I don't have anything to change.

The question is so fun and interesting, alas, I don't have answer to it.

I guess, if you do have thousand thing you regret, so what is the point of living... haha.

Everyone deserves their just deserts.



  1. the question reminded me a movie called "Back To The Future" hahaha...


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