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Happy New Year

1. Again, a new year. 2010. And like last year and the year before that, i celebrate New year in my hostel room in UMS, watching TV. I do want to celebrate New Year but we are bound to in resident rules. We can't go out after 11 pm. we can go out and break the rules but i'm not in the mood to celebrate it this year i guess. 2. yet i am happy because i am not alone this year. At least i have someone and people around me to go into the new year. 3. This year, everyone is having their own resolution. Everyone is hoping for a better year. Me? My resolution 5 years ago still not accomplish until today. So my resolution it to finish my previous resolution. 4. Hoping that something amazing will happen in 2010. Something that benefits me. haha. And... a happy ~ new year!!!!

Food Entry Encore: Kak Nong Restaurant

1. Many people did not really highlight this one restaurant i don't know why. Maybe people prepare imported restaurant like KFC, old town, Manhattan, New york and a lot more restaurant from the west. ( Note: Manhattan is inspired by the west but not from there...haha). 2. So what is so special about this restaurant. My personal view, this restaurant is nostalgic. I've been eating in this place since i was small. Years ago. Maybe more than 10 years ago. Then it disappear. And for that period of time, i did not taste or even aware of it. But suddenly in year 2009, suddenly i felt like eating it and i search for it and i found it. Still in the same place in Beverly Hills area KK. Easy to find, and the food still similar even though is not the same. This is classic for this restaurant. A dish called Soto Gulai Ikan Kak nong. I gave 5/5 for this dish. So delicious if you like something like Laksa, soto...etc. This meal consist of fish meat, with noodles and the soup is

2009 music faded.

I guess 2009 is not a year of good music. Nothing interesting in music this year. From the west to the east, no good song are produced. Every music award this year seem to be boring. I guess beyoonce Halo which win a lot of award this year does not really attract me like Rihanna did with Umbrella. Hmm..what music i hear this year? earlier this year i enjoy taylor swift pop rock song but it seem that every song she had is kind of in the same tune. Enjoy but lack of variety. Just a song. Lady gaga is somehow attract me initially. She really got some trendy song which is different and updated. Its more like new generation type of song. Salute her but i did not like much on her image which is day by day becoming more over and abusive. huhu. And her new single can't attract me at all this day. I guess lady gaga is last year right? Is it? I'm a big fan of Eminem, but his album Relapse does not suprise me or suprise me in a not very positive perspective. It seem like the album lac

End of year movie review.

1. Its christmas morning and i am listening to some good hip hop music in my laptop. Well, i guess there is no celebration for me this year. This is my first christmas without celebration. Every year, 25 december is a celebration for me. Its not mainly about christmas but its my parent anniversary. So usually we will go out and have a good dinner on 25 dec. Barbeque or eat some exclusive food outside. However, this year, no celebration since i am not going back. Staying in Hostel doing nothing. 2. Not only because i am not going back, but i also have a lot of work to settle and lot of knowledge to remember. Exam is just around the corner. I need to finish my second case report, finish my slide for presentation to our big boss professor next week, and need to study for the exam. What an unpleasant weekend, again. 3. The only good thing is my sister is coming today and i am going to watch Avatar, again, with her this afternoon. I think avatar deserves a second time since i am fed up w

Halal Ba Kut Teh

1. Lot of thing disturbing my mind within this past few days. I can't write anything here because of it. So mayny thing dissapointed me. 2. The first thing that disappoint me is regarding Halal Bak Kut Teh. I was really impressed that Malaysia now is taking step to start (start) unify all its citizen from different race. Food are included. As people know, food is the reflection of unity. Malaysia is unique because diversity of food from different races can be found here from Malay, chinese, Indian, Dusun, Serani, Iban, kadazan, penan, murut...etc. So many. So diverse. A lot of variety. And when i heard regarding 1fabalous food malaysia (or something), i was more impressed. Do you realize that even there is a lot of variety in Malaysian Food, actually all the races in Malaysia did not enjoy each other cuisine. Malay will restrict themselves to Malay food, chinese to chinese, indian to indian..etc. But with this new steps, a new beginning can occur where other can start to enjoyu ea

Drop the world/bomb

1. Leaked. The song drop the world from Lil wayne new album leaked and i downloaded it. I am not supporting piracy but as you know, everyone is hearing it and why should i not? Should i wait for official release next year? No. This is the problem, if a song is leaked, everyone have their right to hear it. And 10% of this downloader will actually pay for the real album later, and 90% will not bother to buy the original album. Which one are you? 2. This new song called Drop the world is so energetic and guess what, i like it. I guess Eminem and lil Wayne should make more song together. The lyrics is hard and the music is somehow catchy to hear and fresh. I hope that Eminem next album will be as strong as this one. 3. People are fighting for music industry after internet was born and more and more album are leaked in the net. It is like you can't hide anything now from the world with internet. 4. We can see sudden changes in music industry as you all aware that by the year 1990-200

Medicine oh Medicine

1. BBkk... What is the meaning of this? It mean boleh ba kalau kau... Today is my first time learning this abbreviation. I can use it now. BBkk.. 2. So today i was in my attachment in Accident & Emergency (A&E) department. So nice because i can see a lot of interesting case and action compare to the ward. I guess the action in medicine mostly happen in A&E compare to other department. Look like what you can see in the movie. 3. I also met a group of people which wonder around like me in A&E. They turn out to be a group of student who are in this program (what do you call it) where you are exposed to medical world before entering it. They would either choose or not to choose medicine after this. This program usually held for A-level student, or matriculation or college student. 4. When i enter to Medical School, i can honestly say that i don't know anything about medicine. I do not know what the hell A&E is. I don't know anything about medicine. This make

3 Movies Review 2 ( Avatar, Bodyguard assasin, the princess frog)

So I am going to review 3 movies i've seen this week. I have been waiting for a very good movie to be out since few months ago. Every movie disappointed me recently. So i choose three movie this week which is Avatar, Bodyguard and assassins, and Disney's Princess and Frog. Here are my opinion regarding this three movie. Princess and The Frog One word to describe this new animation from Walt Disney... Classic. When i watched this movie, i start to remember the time when i used to watch Mulan, cinderella, Hunchback from Notredam... when i was a kid. About the story, it was too typical for an animation. There is hardwork, there is magic, there is adventure, and there is happy ending. Somehow i find it not that interesting enough. The jokes is terrible in this animation. I could not think of a reason why i heard so many people laughing for a bad joke like that..and i found the reason... 70 % of the audience watching this movie is children. The song... not memorable. So if i am

Muslim mentality

1. Bak kut teh issue in Malaysia. haha. It is a funny issue but it clearly reveal the biggest pink elephant. The elephant is about how a Malay was too prejudice and to think that every chinese food is haram. I did mention this before somewhere in my blog where a muslim does not want to eat a food cooked by chinese or non-muslim even though they prepare it more clean and halal. Do you realize that a muslim malay would rather eat in a place that have cholera toxin inside their food instead of eating in a chinese restaurant that is clean and did not serve pork or non-halal stuff. They rather ate in a restaurant run with irrationally expensive food that is bland in taste malay food rather than eating in vegetarian chinese restaurant. Mentality is a incurable disease. When it spread, no cure, we have to live with it. 2. Do you ever got this tips on how to make sure an indian restaurant is halal or not. Ask them to recite shahadat. If they could not, they are totally non-halal and they are

Banjir SPU

This is unusual... not the flood..but the fact that i post 2 things in 1 day. haha. Let the story begin.......... It was not until 2 PM in the afternoon that the sky become dark and suddenly we can feel the temperature was dropping rapidly from too hot, to become just nice. At 2PM, our lecture on Drugs in special setting begin and i am sure that in the end of the lecture, i cannot get anything because i barely can hear the voice of the lecturer. Not his fault. It was raining too heavily along the 1 hour lecture. Rain and thunder, it was not a perfect time for lecture. It was not until 3 PM that the lecture finish. Everyone is relieved and start to pack their stuff and want to go back. Not usual to have a free time after three o'clock. The schedule usually extend until 5 PM or 7 PM or more. But today, 3 PM, everyone is excited to go back. It was not until someone stand up and open the lecture room hall to have look outside and shout because something is totally not right outsid


1. Have you ever been rejected before? Do you had that kind of feeling? The feeling of anger, sad and other 10-20 different feeling that you can't describe? 2. I've been rejected so many times yet everytime i still feel the same thing. I hate that feeling. 3. The latest rejection happen today in Haematology ward. I was building a good rapport with a patient, talking about his family, his illnesses, his problem, and how he feel and try to be emphaty to him. He was cooperative and warm to me. 4. The purpose i was there is to observe the procedure of Bone Marrow aspiration that usually only done in Tuesday, i missed one this morning and this patient is my last chance. 5. The time when the procedure start, i asked again the patient whether we can observe or not. This is a routine, you cannot observe anything without consent from patient. That is a rule in medicine. I asked nicely and politely to him and the answer i get is so polite too... "maybe not". I was confused


1. I did not go to MLTR concert in UMS last night. No money to go. I guess it went well. Some of my friend went to watch the show and they said it was worth it. I really want to go but, oh well maybe they came back later in few years. 2. I was annoyed when i heard that some people are against this concert in UMS spreading sheets of paper talking 'brilliantly' on how misguided those people are when they supporting this show. They said that the big Dewan Canselori in UMS is supposed to be the place for graduation and people fought for their life to get into the hall during graduation day. They would said that where is the student right when everyone is turning the big hall into a entertaiment hall and not for the purpose of giving graduation slip to a success student. 3. I say it all nonsense! And some element of immaturity and funny too. Firstly, i do not need to fought hard to get into the hall. I just can simply go there right now and spend my time there as long as i would.
1. Going around 2 different shopping mall today. 1borneo and the new Suria Sabah. For people who do not know, both of this hypermall offer only high quality clothing a.k.a expensive. A T-shirt would cost minimally RM50. Rarely you could find a 15 ringgit cloth. 2. To my surprise, there is a lot of shopping there. They bought all that expensive stuff and does not show that kind of expression... the expression of expressing the stuff you touch is damn expensive. 3. How do people become so lucky in their life. Born pretty and rich. They can choose every thing in their life from that tight bikini, jeans, shirt up until to their accompany, friends and boyfriend. Same goes to guys, born rich and they can actually accept and reject everything they want. 4. To live as a moderate socioeconomic background, there is a big difference. As i was not free to choose what i want and i had to live only with something i need. Everyday when people are thinking of where to eat and spend their night tim


1. This is my 262 post entry for this blog. Wow, i wrote so much even though not many much people read it. I just love writing and showing some honest opinion of mine regarding everything around me. 2. I guess i will write something on my history of writing in the net. Just to celebrate my 262 entry. 3. It all started when i was in form 2. I guess it is the first time i have my own computer. Or maybe it's form 1. But when i was in form 1, i even did not know how to turn on and shut down computer. I remember the computer shop's technician showing me how to Shut down my computer and i had to call my sister because i cannot understand what he was showing me back then. 4. My enthusiasm in computer bring me to a level where i master Windows 98 very quickly. I began to understand how Windows function and all the basic stuff behind it. I even try to learn the C+ language or whatever but without proper teacher, i could not understand it until now. I did learn about html code but i f

Lecture Sleep Syndrome

1. Sleeping during lecture or not paying attention during lecture is one major problem i am facing right now. Every lecture, i will fell asleep after 30 minutes the lecture started. 2. I am trying to avoid this problem by having enough sleep up until to 9 hours per day. The result is frustrating. Even though i did not fall asleep when i do that, still i can't focus on paying attention after 30 minutes. 3. Coffee. The long claimed to be the most affective way to keep your eyes open. Nah! I have try it and the result also disappointing. 10 minutes after drinking coffee, i will become drowsy and disorientated. 4. Don't eat to much before lecture. Full stomach can induce sleep. I have try this one too and still I'm feeling drowsy during lecture. Sometimes, when you are hungry, your attention will also suppress so much or less, the result still the same. 5. Write notes during lecture. Some people find this helpful but not me. I can't even think on what to write when i am

Global Warming

1. Every day is getting hotter and hotter. It's like tomorrow, we can still running on the field during day time but now we can't even stand for 5 minutes under the hot sun. And when we say hot sun, we are not referring to 12 o'clock noon but a wide day time period starting from 7 am to 4.30 pm. 2.Feel like yesterday we can still went jogging on 7.00 am, now we can't. It feel like yesterday our science teacher said that we get vitamin D when we exposed our skin to morning sunlight which she refer to the sun light before 10 am. Today you expose yourself to 7 am sunlight, tomorrow you will get basal cell carcinoma ( skin cancer) like you are exposed to noon sunlight. 3. It is like yesterday when our car aircond broke up and we use fresh air along the way, but today when there is no aircond in your car, you will arrived to Emergency department very quickly because of Heat stroke. 4. When asked about where i want to go during weekend or holiday, i would put 'go to th

Stopping time.

1. What if i can stop time? What do i do? 2. Firstly, i would stop the time and then sleep.... 3. The next thing, i will think after i woke up from sleep.

Open mind.

1. Yesterday friday prayer Khutbah is talking about HIV. It was a good talk. Relating HIV with religion is no new thing. Every religion is getting this impression of 'i told you so'. This is because religion may be right in promoting abstinence and thus preventing HIV transmission. Correct. No doubt about it. 2. However, as many people know, science and religion does not correlates well with each other. Not to say that either one is wrong, but the connection between the two is still far away to be understand. 3. The only problem with religion is religious people always try to conclude and summarize every science facts to be related with religion even though they may not have the evidence of it. For example, thousand years ago, an interpretation in Koran was saying that this world is flat like a carpet. Hundred years after that, it was proven that the world is round. Then after that the religious people start to realize that their interpretation is wrong. Not to say the sent

Before sleep murmuring.

1. Watching Mulan last night. Quite nice compare to other hollywood movie. I just think that the story is not flowing smoothly. Lot of scene are cut short to make the story quickly reach the climax and the end. It is ok though, worth it. However, i just love the old Mulan by Disney. 2. Money is decreasing quickly nowadays. Why? Am i spending too much? Am i jollying around everynight? Am i eating first class food everyday? No. I did not. Still, everything now is expensive. Let me show some calculation. A few hours ago, i withdraw Rm50 from my bank account, i use Rm12 to pay for the dobby (obviously i have work to do from monday to sunday - no laundry time- and i am lazy). Rm20 i use to pay for my car petrol. Rm5 for a plate of fried rice. RM8 for one ticket movie and Rm2.50 for 22oz ice lemon tea.. I just finish my RM50 in just a few hours. I have to withdraw Rm50 again to buy some stuff in Giant. A few years ago, RM50 is precious. You can buy a lot. If you all did not realize it, let

If I were rich

What will i do if i am a rich man now? 1. I won't feel boring, every night i can eat expensive cuisine. 2. I won't be here in this room, I must go somewhere where there is a lot of music and drinks. 3. I won't plan to go and watch movie this weekend. I must be planning to go somewhere such as Japan, Hawaii, or at least a resort in Pulau Tiga, Tioman, or Langkawi. 4. I won't be driving my Nee-chan to Clinical Block. I will be driving my brand new Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Pro. 5. I won't be calling my mother with my CSL phone. I must have a new HTC PDA phone. 6. I won't be writing this blog. I will be busy playing the brand new game in my 8gb RAM PC with the latest powerful graphic card. 7. I won't be friend with you. I will be friend only to those who are rich and fabalous. 8. I won't recognize all my friend because i may not be in Medical School here, i may be there overseas or at least private medical school for rich people. 9. I won't t

Sarcastic babling

1. Suria KK Sabah has officially opened today. Wow. This is rapid. I could not believe a few months ago, that place was nothing, only tree and sand. Today, a big building stood there the same size as Centre Point KK. It's the second shopping mall to be open after 1borneo last year. Again, my prediction is wrong when i said that this mall will be opened when i already finish my study ( I also predict that 1borneo will be opened after i graduated but i was wrong, i am enjoying 1borneo since last year). So never underestimate the contractor in Sabah. So along my 5 years study, 2 shopping mall build in front of my eyes. 2. However, there is some building which is slow to be build. One of them is the hospital. Right until today, nothing has been done to build a new hospital in Sabah despite numerous claimed by the government that there is already project to build it. And when they did start to build it, it will take maybe 2-3 years to finish. Compare to the mall... it took months to be

Child asking about Israel-Palestine

Child: Mom, who is bad? Israel or Palestine Mom: Don't know son, you are not old enough to think about this. Child: Why are there so many child like me die in Palestine? Mom: They got killed in the war son... Child: Why don't they just run? Mom: They cannot son, there is nowhere else they can go. And the bullet is so fast until they cannot run anywhere.. Child: Who kill them? Mom: The army from israel Child: Why do they kill them? Mom: Some reason they want to believe.. Child: What reason? Mom: .... Because sometime, those palestine do fire a rocket to Israel. Child: It's a revenge? Mom: Something like that. Child: So... they must be a lot of children die in Israel too but why are they not in the TV? Mom: Go ask your father about it. (mom leaving to kitchen)

My stress on gentleman

Is it only my delusion or is it really happening today that more and more people are turning from male to female and female act like a male. This group which use to be called pondan nowadays are becoming more frequent everywhere. Battle on equal right of human to be who they want to be is used to attack a lot of people like me who are reject this culture ultimately. I can be call prejudice, narrow minded, old fashion. Still i will not change my stand on this. I cannot see the benefit of being an opposite character which you are born with. It was nature who determine on what will we be, male or female and no in between. yes, There is congenital condition which a person born with ambiguous genitalia where we cannot determine the sex and some cases reported that a person can bear with 2 different gene, male and female. Usually in this case, we wait until the child grow up and we will look on which characterisitc he/she will be dominant with, either male or female, then we will do recon