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Sarcastic babling

1. Suria KK Sabah has officially opened today. Wow. This is rapid. I could not believe a few months ago, that place was nothing, only tree and sand. Today, a big building stood there the same size as Centre Point KK. It's the second shopping mall to be open after 1borneo last year. Again, my prediction is wrong when i said that this mall will be opened when i already finish my study ( I also predict that 1borneo will be opened after i graduated but i was wrong, i am enjoying 1borneo since last year). So never underestimate the contractor in Sabah. So along my 5 years study, 2 shopping mall build in front of my eyes.

2. However, there is some building which is slow to be build. One of them is the hospital. Right until today, nothing has been done to build a new hospital in Sabah despite numerous claimed by the government that there is already project to build it. And when they did start to build it, it will take maybe 2-3 years to finish. Compare to the mall... it took months to be build and the size is huge compare to hospital.

3. Sabah is getting more and more developed. Wrong. Kota Kinabalu is getting more and more developed. If we look outside this beautiful city of KK, we can see people living without water, proper sanitation, and even poor diet while people living in KK eat fast food everyday. Lot of places still don't have electric supply and good road for transportation.

4. There is a loud promises to help Sabah develop in years to come. Hopefully, this is true because after the last general election, a lot of 'Pink Elephant' is being exposed in the government. One of them is when goverment told that Sabah has been forgotten for 10 year and now is the time for equals right with Peninsular Malaysia. As this proved that for 10 years, Sabah was forgotten and the same government rules for that 10 years period.

5. Former Prime Minister Tun Dr.Mahathir is the person who always try to develop sabah and his effort should not be forgotten. Now, Prime Minister Dato Najib are using the same approach as Mahathir, if it is for political purpose, at least benefit can be taken from it. I was thinking, what is Pak Lah contribution to Sabah?

6. Sabah is proven to be the only state that are practicing 1malaysia since before 1malaysia were being created. True. I have live in this place for so long. Chinese and Malay and Kadazan, and Dusun, and India, and Bajau and another 30 plus-something- tribe are living peacefully with each other. We even have 1malaysia&philipine as philipinos live peacefully here also.

7. However, there is people that are trying to change this. Start to classify other based on their religion, colours, language and what they eat (sadly). As for now, you would see chinese eating in Malay restarant, Malay eating chinese food, India's food is everyone favourite, and other ethnic food were preserved. I was sad to hear when someone does not want to eat in a restaurant who own by a chinese. Haram in Malay muslim definition today is " any food cook by non-muslim". It is easy to teach children like that other than describing of all the criteria of Halal food. Sadly, this will cause damage to future generation.

8. And even if you are indeed paranoid about eating non-halal food, you have the rights to do so. However, we are not supposed to feel disguise to others food even though you cannot eat it. It was not polite. But this is what some of us practiced today. Haram in malay muslim definition is " cannot eat the food, hate it, disguise it, hate the one who cook it".

9. I am hoping that no person is doing such thing or thinking as such for at least in Sabah. If you want to destroy the whole future and Malaysia, let us just preserved one state to be as it is. If we cannot do good, we must stop other from doing good. If we are that evil, we must not promote other to be evil.

10. Don't take it straight. I am being sarcastic here because some people are more likely to listen to sarcasm rather than talk straight and directly. Remember our grandmother, what she always said when she don't want us to go outside at night? She said " Pergilah, tengah2 malam lagi bagus, bleh berkawan dengan hantu. pergila ( Go, it's better if it is midnight so you can be friend with ghost, go".

She is being sarcastic. What happen if she said " Don't go"? No one will listen.


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