1. Going around 2 different shopping mall today. 1borneo and the new Suria Sabah. For people who do not know, both of this hypermall offer only high quality clothing a.k.a expensive. A T-shirt would cost minimally RM50. Rarely you could find a 15 ringgit cloth.

2. To my surprise, there is a lot of shopping there. They bought all that expensive stuff and does not show that kind of expression... the expression of expressing the stuff you touch is damn expensive.

3. How do people become so lucky in their life. Born pretty and rich. They can choose every thing in their life from that tight bikini, jeans, shirt up until to their accompany, friends and boyfriend. Same goes to guys, born rich and they can actually accept and reject everything they want.

4. To live as a moderate socioeconomic background, there is a big difference. As i was not free to choose what i want and i had to live only with something i need. Everyday when people are thinking of where to eat and spend their night time, i was thinking of how much to save for tomorrow.

5. I am so lucky to have some friend who are in the same status as me and more lucky to have friends who came from high economic background but still have some humble feeling and be friend with us.

7. At first, i was thinking negatively about my life compare to those who money is not a problem or at least not a big problem. However, i realize that different people are born with different background and different difficulty. For example, i was born this way, not much money to spend of expensive stuff but i am happy. I am happy to be able to eat RM5.50 Friend rice with chicken every night. I was happy to be able to eat Rm1.50 Kaya ball with my girlfriend and be able to watch RM5 movie and window shopping and thinking of time later when we have money to buy what we want.

As for those who money is not a problem, what i've describe just now does not make them happy. They maybe became happy when they can give their girlfriend a RM 45 flowers, or spend time in an exclusive restaurant and thinking of their future on where to go and spend their time overseas.

I may find it difficult to have little money to eat. They may find it difficult to have little money to buy new shirt.

So it is fair actually. haha. In the end, both find their life not so easy.

8. Quality of life is subjective. One may find his quality of life is low because he had no money to buy a new expensive handphone, and another one might find their quality of life is high just to have little money to buy used handphone from bargain shop.

9. So that is why we all can live in this world in harmony. Both rich and poor. But i think, the responsibility is there for the rich. I really hate arrogant people who have money and show off + they never help the poor. I did not mean to help me because i am not poor. But there is poor people living with us. Across the region. Across the world. I guess everyone need to think about each other.


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