2009 music faded.

I guess 2009 is not a year of good music. Nothing interesting in music this year. From the west to the east, no good song are produced. Every music award this year seem to be boring. I guess beyoonce Halo which win a lot of award this year does not really attract me like Rihanna did with Umbrella.

Hmm..what music i hear this year? earlier this year i enjoy taylor swift pop rock song but it seem that every song she had is kind of in the same tune. Enjoy but lack of variety. Just a song.

Lady gaga is somehow attract me initially. She really got some trendy song which is different and updated. Its more like new generation type of song. Salute her but i did not like much on her image which is day by day becoming more over and abusive. huhu. And her new single can't attract me at all this day. I guess lady gaga is last year right? Is it?

I'm a big fan of Eminem, but his album Relapse does not suprise me or suprise me in a not very positive perspective. It seem like the album lack of story. I have to admit that even though the production of the album, the arrangement and the beat are quite tight but it is still failed to make me listen to it repeatedly like i did for every album before this. I guess maybe because The Marshall Mathers LP is too good making people expect more than this.

In Malaysia, as usual, except Malique album, other artist failed to attract me. Why? I don't know why. Yuna? She attract me initially, but as usual, you can't expect people to hear the same song repeatedly for 1 year. We need some new and good music.

Hujan...nothing new and interesting... other artist? i guess i am not really into Malaysian music.

Asian? Oh my god.... i am too naive on this. I did not listen to music a lot i guess this year.

But i believed that if i heard a song, and suddenly the song attract me a lot until i want to hear it again, that is good music. but if i still thinking like this...on which one is good music...meaning that there is no good music at all this year. haha. I'm sensitive but not spesific.



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