3 Movies Review 2 ( Avatar, Bodyguard assasin, the princess frog)

So I am going to review 3 movies i've seen this week. I have been waiting for a very good movie to be out since few months ago. Every movie disappointed me recently. So i choose three movie this week which is Avatar, Bodyguard and assassins, and Disney's Princess and Frog. Here are my opinion regarding this three movie.

Princess and The Frog

One word to describe this new animation from Walt Disney... Classic. When i watched this movie, i start to remember the time when i used to watch Mulan, cinderella, Hunchback from Notredam... when i was a kid. About the story, it was too typical for an animation. There is hardwork, there is magic, there is adventure, and there is happy ending. Somehow i find it not that interesting enough. The jokes is terrible in this animation. I could not think of a reason why i heard so many people laughing for a bad joke like that..and i found the reason... 70 % of the audience watching this movie is children. The song... not memorable.

So if i am a kid watching this movie, i will definitely gave this movie 8-9 over 10. However, since i am 23 now, i gave this movie 3/10. If you want to remember your nostalgic moment during childhood, you might want to watch this movie.

Bodyguard and Assassins

Patriotic movie that failed to inspire me. Why? Because i am Malaysian and i don't give a damn hell who is Dr.Sun wen or whatever. Still, this movie captured my attention, at least half of it, regarding the importance of freedom and revolution. It also gave us the history of how revolution in China started. Ok. Fair enough. A little bit of China's history. I am still disappointed because there is not so many action in this movie. Not like Ip Man. Ip Man was marvelous. This one, too much dramatic moment. Why every hero dying moment need to be dramatic? It can be but you know, there is heroes in this movie. So too much dramas, dramatics..ssss..

The story is quite slow. I guess one can sleep for an hour then wake up for the next one hour to watch this movie and still understand it. The introduction part is too long

Yet this movie is worth to watch, for RM5. It is like watching Hati Malaya with some action. The ending is nice and predictable ( it is a history, we know who will win in the end).

For Dr.Sun.. i gave this movie 5/10. It mean that you can 50/50 to watch it or not. But if you like history and you are born in China or you are patriotic to China for some reason i don't know why you should watch this movie.


The first time i watched this movie trailer was a few months ago and i am not thinking of watching it that time. It was like a typical mystical war movie, like narnia or whatever..but i was wrong.

This is by far one the best movie i ever seen. This one should win academy award. Superb. I have been waiting for a good movie like this since a long time ago. 2 hours and 50 minutes of this movie is not enough.

The CGi in this movie is...damn good. You can't even differentiate which one is real and which one is computer generated ( not until you realize that nothing is real inside this movie, everything is computer generated picture). The world created by James cameroon is sure to captured everyone occipital area and until now, if i closed my eyes, i can see the beauty of the Pandora, the moon in this movie where everything begins. It was so beautiful. Where the hell in this world got a place so beautiful like that, i guess nowhere. Only i Pandora, a world created by James cameroon. So damn beauty. If you visit the most beautiful place on earth, you should consider it twice not because what is put in avatar sure be the most beautiful place if it is real.

the story is magnificent. It remind me about what is happening in the world today. Like Israel ( human) and Palestin ( the Na'vi). Human are trying to destroy Na'vi hometree while na'vi does not have enough weapon to protect themselves.

The message in this movie is so deep yet easy to understand. I guess it does make you think how cruel human being can be.

the ending.damn good. I always want a good ending like this.

Still, the CGI, the animation, the graphic is the main pillar in this movie. There is no doubt that transformer need to upgrade their technology now if they want to keep up with high expectation from the audiences after they watched Avatar. damn good.

I gave this movie 10/10, the highest rank of me for a movie and it make Avatar at the same level as Transformer 1, The Dark night, Iron man and Ip man in my list. I fully recommend everyone to watch this movie. You won't regret it.


  1. Thnks ar. I guess I go watch avatar then. Cheers. :)

  2. wow! what a nice review. ive watched avatar too :) been thinking bout watching princess and the frog but after reading this, i dont think i want to spend money on it.


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