Banjir SPU

This is unusual... not the flood..but the fact that i post 2 things in 1 day. haha.

Let the story begin..........

It was not until 2 PM in the afternoon that the sky become dark and suddenly we can feel the temperature was dropping rapidly from too hot, to become just nice. At 2PM, our lecture on Drugs in special setting begin and i am sure that in the end of the lecture, i cannot get anything because i barely can hear the voice of the lecturer. Not his fault. It was raining too heavily along the 1 hour lecture. Rain and thunder, it was not a perfect time for lecture.

It was not until 3 PM that the lecture finish. Everyone is relieved and start to pack their stuff and want to go back. Not usual to have a free time after three o'clock. The schedule usually extend until 5 PM or 7 PM or more. But today, 3 PM, everyone is excited to go back.

It was not until someone stand up and open the lecture room hall to have look outside and shout because something is totally not right outside. Everyone start to rush and take a glimpse. Oh my good, its flooding..and we are trapped....

This is the first thing that i can saw from in front of my lecture room. What the hell.. the only entrance to our clinical block is covered totally by water..haha. sinking..

I guess this is the source for this problem. Actually there is longkang over there, but where is it now? Full with water.

This is the corridor to the main gate. If you want to go out from the clinical block, you need to swim to the gate.

Two brave amoi walking through the flood. The water reach the level of their ankle, for now in this picture. It actually reach the thigh when they walk further and closer to the gate. It become deep, deep, and deeper.

This picture showing the office building. To the left is actually a volleyball court but it was not there anymore.

Used to be a clear green grass here.

Can u see a group of swimmer in this picture?

Now there two or one swimmer in this picture still thinking whether they want to swim into the swarm of leptospirosis or any anerobic bacteria or not.

The corridor to girl's pantry. Disappear.

Fish catched during the flood. We did manage to catch some fish. The flood also bring benefit. We can cook and eat the fish. haha.


  1. Wei btulke ni ikan korang dpt masa banjir. Tipula. Hehehe... Taik ayam btul. Terpedaya aku.


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