Child asking about Israel-Palestine

Child: Mom, who is bad? Israel or Palestine

Mom: Don't know son, you are not old enough to think about this.

Child: Why are there so many child like me die in Palestine?

Mom: They got killed in the war son...

Child: Why don't they just run?

Mom: They cannot son, there is nowhere else they can go. And the bullet is so fast until they cannot run anywhere..

Child: Who kill them?

Mom: The army from israel

Child: Why do they kill them?

Mom: Some reason they want to believe..

Child: What reason?

Mom: .... Because sometime, those palestine do fire a rocket to Israel.

Child: It's a revenge?

Mom: Something like that.

Child: So... they must be a lot of children die in Israel too but why are they not in the TV?

Mom: Go ask your father about it. (mom leaving to kitchen)


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