Drop the world/bomb

1. Leaked. The song drop the world from Lil wayne new album leaked and i downloaded it. I am not supporting piracy but as you know, everyone is hearing it and why should i not? Should i wait for official release next year? No. This is the problem, if a song is leaked, everyone have their right to hear it. And 10% of this downloader will actually pay for the real album later, and 90% will not bother to buy the original album. Which one are you?

2. This new song called Drop the world is so energetic and guess what, i like it. I guess Eminem and lil Wayne should make more song together. The lyrics is hard and the music is somehow catchy to hear and fresh. I hope that Eminem next album will be as strong as this one.

3. People are fighting for music industry after internet was born and more and more album are leaked in the net. It is like you can't hide anything now from the world with internet.

4. We can see sudden changes in music industry as you all aware that by the year 1990-2000, most artist in US or wherever in this world would sell their album more than a million copies and look how Eminem Marshall Mathers LP broke the fastest selling records in the first week. Today, even singer much better than Eminem would not sold more than a million copies of their album. why? Because why bother buying RM30 CD if you can download it for free.

5. I guess the only way to stop this thing is they (music industry) need to turn into internet themselves rather than fighting piracy by asking people to buy original CD. What if you sell a song in internet for less than a dollar per song with easy to use payment. I guess, everyone would go and buy it. The problem right now is, an album in internet would cost the same price as a normal CD, sometime only 1-2 dollar cheaper. Plus, the payment..need credit card, everything. Why don't we have an easy internet payment for a song, a universal one. Charge it in internet bill, or easy to get music prepaid card. By this, i guess 70% of people would go and buy original song.

6. Need to keep up with internet pirate. To download a song in internet for free ( piracy) is so easy. No need number and anything, just click, 1 minute later you get the song.

7. The race will never end.


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