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End of year movie review.

1. Its christmas morning and i am listening to some good hip hop music in my laptop. Well, i guess there is no celebration for me this year. This is my first christmas without celebration. Every year, 25 december is a celebration for me. Its not mainly about christmas but its my parent anniversary. So usually we will go out and have a good dinner on 25 dec. Barbeque or eat some exclusive food outside. However, this year, no celebration since i am not going back. Staying in Hostel doing nothing.

2. Not only because i am not going back, but i also have a lot of work to settle and lot of knowledge to remember. Exam is just around the corner. I need to finish my second case report, finish my slide for presentation to our big boss professor next week, and need to study for the exam. What an unpleasant weekend, again.

3. The only good thing is my sister is coming today and i am going to watch Avatar, again, with her this afternoon. I think avatar deserves a second time since i am fed up with lot of hollywood movie this year. What a heck year for movie.

4. This is some movie that i watched this year and my short comment on em.

12 rounds - Bad ass.. To0 much defect in the story line. Too much defect on camera angle. Too many mistake..
inkheart I watched this movie this year or last year? i forgot. Well, give me my ticket money back!

underworld 3 - Destroy the 2 good sequel of underworld. Vampire fighting with a sword? What? Boring.

taken Simple movie. yah yah. Yah. Just action. Still, i love it because the punch is ..ummph.

chocolate Watchout jet li, jackie chan, bruce lee, anyone. This movie make this three star look like beginners.

push Another version of heroes. Good storyline. ok. Worth to watch.

the international - Start end. Eh..finish already? i could not remember watching a plot.

Watchmen - classic yet fresh. Different.

race to witch mountain IF we replace 'The rock' with somone else like maybe leonardo d caprio, brad bit or maybe that hero from twilight then i would not watch it. watch it just because of 'the rock', he is funny.

Knowing Love this one. Compare to 2012 where human can avoid end of day, this one really end of day. Its a combination of sci-fi and spiritual movie. The CGi also quite remarkable.

monster vs aliens - Kuching memories. This movie i watched in Kuching. hehe. Funny movie.


17 again Funny one. Worth to watch. I like it.

Wolverine - one hero..and one hero only. not enough to attract me. Not enough to entertain me.
Angel and Demons - anticipated movie. turn out to be, not so great as the book version. Da vinci was lot better than this.

Night at museum 2 - Ok. Classic. Watchable. laughable.

Up - this is one particular movie that i don't know why but it did touch me and caught my attention. Its just a simple movie. But there is something inside this story which can make us laugh, think, cry and smile in the end.

Land of the lost - haha. I dunno what is this movie all about. just enter the earth, run run. Typical.

The taking of pelham 123 - True story always nice. But this one it to true to be good. Not worth it.

Year one - Bla bla. Stupid movie.

Transformer 2 - big movie. big movie. deserve a second watch. But, not reaching the level of my expectation. Too much in CGi and they forgot to write the story nicely.

Ice Age 3 - Why do people like this stuff? Not funny. not cute. Not anything. I would gave a big applause to Ice Age 1 but the third one, deserve nothing.

Harry Potter and the half blood prince - 'erectile dysfucntion'. When it reach climax, it end. Not good. Should seek 'treatment'. Even though it was the no.1 high grossing movie this year, but people go watch it because they were cheated and tricked that this one is good as the previous one. No! Rugi.

The ugly truth - Hahaha.. this one is somehow, too funny. But not for children.

Aliens in the attic - Is this Malaysia movie? Sarcastic. Not to say Malaysia movie not good.

Gi Joe - Please... i don't want to watch this kind of movie again. If there is GI Joe 2. I would not bother to watch.

District 9 - Wow. Fresh stuff. Creative. caught my attention.

The time Traveler's wife - yeah. This is nice story. Like back to the future.

Inglorius basterds - Bastard! Give me my money back. Nothing good about this one.

Final Destination 4 - the same old stuff. Make until final destination 10, still the same. boring.
Gamers - ITS BORING!!!!

Jennifer's body - whahaha.. funny not because the movie to funny. It is just funny when someone doing it all wrong.

Cloudy with a chance of meatball - make me hungry

The surrogates - I want a surrogates. Not bad.

Ong Bak 2 - too bad. Go and retired tony ja. Or learn from others.

Papadom - three thumbs up. From all above hollywood movie, this one win. Best giler.

Pisau Cukur - thumbs up only for the girls. For other thing, middle finger up.

Disney's A Christmas carol - What is the matter with this movie? Can you just make it for free?

2012 - another big movie... lame. Not nice. Too much illogical thing. And human can survive end of world? making ship in China? Neutrino boiling earth core? Did you just made a movie about world got froze few years ago? Boring movie. but watchable because of the nice computer graphic.

Twilight New Moon - another erectile dysfunction movie. If you are a girl or gay man want to watch male porn. this could be worth for you.

Ninja - Anal intercourse! Give me my ticket money back and pay me compensation for my time of waste.

Ninja Assassin - another one. can someone please make a real ninja story? Did they really know about ninja? Did they do homework? too much mistake in this movie. defect everywhere. The story is jumble up. But the actor is quite good for a starter. The movie will not go anywhere but the actor mr.rain will.

The princess and the frog - Classic and nice for children only.

Avatar - as for now. This is one good movie for this year i guess. Watching it make you feel like you are watching The Matrix 11 years ago i guess. Combination of The Matrix, The lost world jurasic park, surrogates, star wars....

Next is Sherlock holmes and alvin and the chipmunks 2. Whutttt?

Watch out.


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