Global Warming

1. Every day is getting hotter and hotter. It's like tomorrow, we can still running on the field during day time but now we can't even stand for 5 minutes under the hot sun. And when we say hot sun, we are not referring to 12 o'clock noon but a wide day time period starting from 7 am to 4.30 pm.

2.Feel like yesterday we can still went jogging on 7.00 am, now we can't. It feel like yesterday our science teacher said that we get vitamin D when we exposed our skin to morning sunlight which she refer to the sun light before 10 am. Today you expose yourself to 7 am sunlight, tomorrow you will get basal cell carcinoma ( skin cancer) like you are exposed to noon sunlight.

3. It is like yesterday when our car aircond broke up and we use fresh air along the way, but today when there is no aircond in your car, you will arrived to Emergency department very quickly because of Heat stroke.

4. When asked about where i want to go during weekend or holiday, i would put 'go to the beach' at the bottom of the list. I can't stand 5 minutes at the beach. If i do so, i would only sit under the tree and watch the sea. Even that will cause sun burn. It's true. Sitting at the beach with reflection of the sun light to you will cause burn to your skin.

5. How many years before it's getting more hot?

6. Am i the only one who think that this world is getting warmer? Am i getting to soft and gentle to my body? Or is it everyone realize this too?

7. I guess, in the near future, human life will dramatically change. We will need more power source. The power need to be used to brighten the night because i guess everything need to be done at night and during day time, we need to quarantine ourselves indoor.

Go to the beach at night,
work at night,
mount climbing at night
fishing at night,
shopping at night.
everything at night.

8. Or we can reduce the power source of today, and save the day for the future.


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