Halal Ba Kut Teh

1. Lot of thing disturbing my mind within this past few days. I can't write anything here because of it. So mayny thing dissapointed me.

2. The first thing that disappoint me is regarding Halal Bak Kut Teh. I was really impressed that Malaysia now is taking step to start (start) unify all its citizen from different race. Food are included. As people know, food is the reflection of unity. Malaysia is unique because diversity of food from different races can be found here from Malay, chinese, Indian, Dusun, Serani, Iban, kadazan, penan, murut...etc. So many. So diverse. A lot of variety. And when i heard regarding 1fabalous food malaysia (or something), i was more impressed. Do you realize that even there is a lot of variety in Malaysian Food, actually all the races in Malaysia did not enjoy each other cuisine. Malay will restrict themselves to Malay food, chinese to chinese, indian to indian..etc. But with this new steps, a new beginning can occur where other can start to enjoyu each other food.

3. Do you realize that a Malay Muslim is the only race that are too insecure to taste others food. They would always think of a hundred reason on why they should not taste others food. Not to blame them, because they need to eat only halal food. This is compulsory.

4. A step of making a halal version of Bak kut teh was a brilliant idea. It can show how everything can be modified to accomodate one's taste and need. It was brilliant. Every chinese food should have its own halal version for Malay Muslim to taste it. So that we can all share ours with yours.

5. However, some 'over brilliant' Malay are too brilliant to deny this. Claiming that making Bak kut teh halal would make Muslim confuse and they would eat pork because of this confusion.

So lame and stupid. I was laughing hearing this fact. Why did a muslim became confuse? Just because making a halal version would not make us eat pork suddenly. We are not that stupid. I feel like that person who proudly speak of this matter was insulting me. Insulting all the Malay muslim.

6. If a pizza was cook with pork in italy, they make chicken version here in malaysia, are we confuse of the its status now whether it is halal or not? If someone cook kueh teow with lard in Taiwan or somewhere, then there is kueh teow in Malaysia cooked in palm oil, are we confused about it status now?

7. And Bak kut teh does not mean pork at all. Even though someone drastically create a halal pork, do we muslim rush to supermarket and buy pork just because a halal pork was created?


Does not matter what kind of food we ate, we (muslim), are clever enough to know that the food is halal or not. Even though it is bak kut teh, written halal, we would check it at least to see whether there is pork or not inside. We are not confused. And by having a halal version of bak kut teh, it was a good thing.

8. Sometimes i feel people especially politicians, and now even one who work in Jakim are thinking with their knee. I don't mind if they want to change the name or whatever, but stating that halal status would not be given to halal bak kut teh is too racist and show how extreme you are denying other races.

I guess it is true in what i have said in my previous post saying that today people are not classifying Halal because of its content but because it was prepared by non muslim, and now worse, because the name is not halal. Name! Haram by name!

9. Please stop this thing. Open mind please. Open mind.

10. I am grateful living in Sabah today,, at least here there is halal version of bak kut teh since long time ago. And i can taste other races food without getting cruxified by own race.


  1. Ni semua ada kaitan ngan pemikiran manusia je. Kalau dah bahalol and racist, memang susahla nak terima benda2 baru. Selagi tak salah kat sisi Islam, aku ngap je. Sekian.


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