Happy New Year

1. Again, a new year. 2010. And like last year and the year before that, i celebrate New year in my hostel room in UMS, watching TV. I do want to celebrate New Year but we are bound to in resident rules. We can't go out after 11 pm. we can go out and break the rules but i'm not in the mood to celebrate it this year i guess.

2. yet i am happy because i am not alone this year. At least i have someone and people around me to go into the new year.

3. This year, everyone is having their own resolution. Everyone is hoping for a better year. Me? My resolution 5 years ago still not accomplish until today. So my resolution it to finish my previous resolution.

4. Hoping that something amazing will happen in 2010. Something that benefits me. haha.

And... a happy ~ new year!!!!


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