If I were rich

What will i do if i am a rich man now?

1. I won't feel boring, every night i can eat expensive cuisine.

2. I won't be here in this room, I must go somewhere where there is a lot of music and drinks.

3. I won't plan to go and watch movie this weekend. I must be planning to go somewhere such as Japan, Hawaii, or at least a resort in Pulau Tiga, Tioman, or Langkawi.

4. I won't be driving my Nee-chan to Clinical Block. I will be driving my brand new Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Pro.

5. I won't be calling my mother with my CSL phone. I must have a new HTC PDA phone.

6. I won't be writing this blog. I will be busy playing the brand new game in my 8gb RAM PC with the latest powerful graphic card.

7. I won't be friend with you. I will be friend only to those who are rich and fabalous.

8. I won't recognize all my friend because i may not be in Medical School here, i may be there overseas or at least private medical school for rich people.

9. I won't think of going back to my hometown in Labuan. My family would be busy with their shares, stocks, and Bursa Saham KL, spa, saloon, and meeting with client.

10. I won't be with my girlfriend. My girlfriend is Paris Hilton and Nicole ritchie.

11. I won't be me. I am totally different man.

That is why i don't want to be rich right now. Because i don't want to become someone else, lose my friend, and lose my family, and the person i loved. I just want to be who i am...


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