Lecture Sleep Syndrome

1. Sleeping during lecture or not paying attention during lecture is one major problem i am facing right now. Every lecture, i will fell asleep after 30 minutes the lecture started.

2. I am trying to avoid this problem by having enough sleep up until to 9 hours per day. The result is frustrating. Even though i did not fall asleep when i do that, still i can't focus on paying attention after 30 minutes.

3. Coffee. The long claimed to be the most affective way to keep your eyes open. Nah! I have try it and the result also disappointing. 10 minutes after drinking coffee, i will become drowsy and disorientated.

4. Don't eat to much before lecture. Full stomach can induce sleep. I have try this one too and still I'm feeling drowsy during lecture. Sometimes, when you are hungry, your attention will also suppress so much or less, the result still the same.

5. Write notes during lecture. Some people find this helpful but not me. I can't even think on what to write when i am drowsy and feeling asleep.

6. Drop down temperature. Yes. This one is helpful. When it is cold, you will hardly fall asleep. Howeverm you can't concentrate if it is too cold. Furthermore, there is some people who can't tolerate cold and prefer warm which i found weird because we are warm blooded, we are not supposed to love hot condition. We can stand cold better than hot. However, this depend on the fact that how much insulation inside your body vary from person to person. Thus, it is acceptable if someone can't tolerate cold. I guess in cold, our brain become more sharp. Do you realize that when you are nervous, you will feel cold rather than feeling warm?

7. Does not matter how much you try to stay awake, to sleep or not to sleep during lecture is largely depend on how the lecturer are delivering the lecture and the lecture must not exceed 45 minutes. If the lecture is boring, and it is 2 hours long, no point in doing many methods to prevent sleep.

p/s: Another methods to prevent sleep during lecture is to bring some snack and eat while listening to the lecture. Simple food such as biscuit, sweet can help you concentrate much better. However, some lecturer does not want people to eat during lecture. As i say, it depend largely on the lecturer.


  1. i got this problem everyday... coffee is simple fix... bring tumbler wit dark coffee inside.. but it doesnt need to be coffee, hot drink will do the trick, it quiet comfort get hot drink in cold room.

    the other way is draw picture of the note, like cloud.. hehehe.. most my subject got calculation, so that also help me..

  2. Coffee and drink won't work but i guess you gave some initial idea on how to keep you awake that is..calculation, math keeps your brain functioning. However, i am learning something more like biology, physiology, rarely has any calculation in it. hoho.


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