Medicine oh Medicine

1. BBkk... What is the meaning of this? It mean boleh ba kalau kau... Today is my first time learning this abbreviation. I can use it now. BBkk..

2. So today i was in my attachment in Accident & Emergency (A&E) department. So nice because i can see a lot of interesting case and action compare to the ward. I guess the action in medicine mostly happen in A&E compare to other department. Look like what you can see in the movie.

3. I also met a group of people which wonder around like me in A&E. They turn out to be a group of student who are in this program (what do you call it) where you are exposed to medical world before entering it. They would either choose or not to choose medicine after this. This program usually held for A-level student, or matriculation or college student.

4. When i enter to Medical School, i can honestly say that i don't know anything about medicine. I do not know what the hell A&E is. I don't know anything about medicine. This make me difficult to adapt. Not until a few years in medical school then i started to get orientated in medicine.

5. Young people today are so lucky. They can enter the A&E department without being a medical student or a doctor and see emergency cases. They are so lucky. So jealous of them. hahaha.

6. Medicine medicine...oh i dont know what to say about you, you haunt me day and night yet i still love you. oh medicinee, you can't kill and you cure..o medicine, bit by bit you are taking my soul.


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