1. I did not go to MLTR concert in UMS last night. No money to go. I guess it went well. Some of my friend went to watch the show and they said it was worth it. I really want to go but, oh well maybe they came back later in few years.

2. I was annoyed when i heard that some people are against this concert in UMS spreading sheets of paper talking 'brilliantly' on how misguided those people are when they supporting this show. They said that the big Dewan Canselori in UMS is supposed to be the place for graduation and people fought for their life to get into the hall during graduation day. They would said that where is the student right when everyone is turning the big hall into a entertaiment hall and not for the purpose of giving graduation slip to a success student.

3. I say it all nonsense! And some element of immaturity and funny too. Firstly, i do not need to fought hard to get into the hall. I just can simply go there right now and spend my time there as long as i would. How easy is that? I don't need to be a student to be there also. I saw cleaner and other staff cleaning that hall everyday. They did not get straight A and went into UMS and struggle to be there.

4. My point is, graduation is not about the hall. When i was in the first year of study which is around 4 and half years ago, my first day in UMS, i was in that hall registering myself into the system. A few months after that, i was in that hall watching Mooncake festival and later Deepavali celebration inside that hall. heh? What is the difference between that and MLTR concert?

5. Just months ago, Malaysian film festival was held in that hall. Anyone talking about that? I guess not. but maybe they did but still they are too immature to understand the sole purpose of learning and trying to be success in university.

6. I hope that people would open their mind and do not reject changes. That hall is not the purpose you learn and struggle. You are struggling for your future, to be the best. I guess some UMS student still in 1954 era. Still walk around with close mind. The difference is, they closed mind know how to talk and spread agenda.

7. Anyone is welcome to do what ever show they want in Dewan Canselori as this would promote UMS and at the same time make this university not that boring. I don't want a lame university like a primary school or something. I want cool university like this one where MLTR was doing a show inside it. That is cool.

8. People, if your purpose to be in this university is to become a robot for the future, you might just stay home or get a job in factory or something. Being in a university means that you need to think, not only based on your narrow perspective belief, but think with others broad persepective mind of this era. With a belief so narrow like that, we might just live under the feet of developed country and maybe just hoping to die and go to heaven, maybe become suicide bomber or something. haha.


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