Muslim mentality

1. Bak kut teh issue in Malaysia. haha. It is a funny issue but it clearly reveal the biggest pink elephant. The elephant is about how a Malay was too prejudice and to think that every chinese food is haram. I did mention this before somewhere in my blog where a muslim does not want to eat a food cooked by chinese or non-muslim even though they prepare it more clean and halal.

Do you realize that a muslim malay would rather eat in a place that have cholera toxin inside their food instead of eating in a chinese restaurant that is clean and did not serve pork or non-halal stuff. They rather ate in a restaurant run with irrationally expensive food that is bland in taste malay food rather than eating in vegetarian chinese restaurant. Mentality is a incurable disease. When it spread, no cure, we have to live with it.

2. Do you ever got this tips on how to make sure an indian restaurant is halal or not. Ask them to recite shahadat. If they could not, they are totally non-halal and they are lying when they put halal logo in their restaurant.

Nonsense! Ask KFC or mcDonald worker, all of them 100% Muslim. Is it really only muslim can work in a restaurant? is that a must? Other religion don't have the right to work and support their life? How stupid people mentality are. If i ate in an indian restaurant, the important thing is to make sure their sources of food is from halal source. Not whether they are muslim or not. How prejudice we are? We are nothing but a racist and religous extremist, if we kept this mentality.

3. Racism and religion-ism is the way we live. No one would dare to ask and doubt why are they doing what they are told to do by their religion. Somehow, they would follow it without any reason. And this is not wrong if it does not harm others. However, when it start to harm other, hurt other, discriminate and violate other, we should re think about it. For example, wearing tudung.. does it harm other? No. So why should we stop practicing it? But how about getting late to an appointment because of your long prayer...If i say this is wrong people would call me murtad or whatever now, but i still want to say it. haha.

There is no excuse of long prayer to be late on an appointment! This situation that cause Muslim to be inferior to others. Not competent. Because they rather pray for a long long time instead of stuggling to be first. My prayer is so quick until people can't see me doing it everytime. But i stressing here, that there is time that we can have a long prayer, or slow prayer.. there is a time when you are free and have nothing to do, when you have your own time.

I love to see a muslim who are first and on time. I hate when i was asked regarding where my friends are and i need to answer " they were praying". The next question would be " you did not pray". And i would answer " they prayer is long, mine is short, don't have time to pray panjang."

And the funny thing is, there is a person who ask me " can God hear you when you pray quickly?".

Haha.. God did. cause G0d always listen to me even though i am not praying. God almighty!.


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