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My stress on gentleman

Is it only my delusion or is it really happening today that more and more people are turning from male to female and female act like a male. This group which use to be called pondan nowadays are becoming more frequent everywhere.

Battle on equal right of human to be who they want to be is used to attack a lot of people like me who are reject this culture ultimately. I can be call prejudice, narrow minded, old fashion. Still i will not change my stand on this.

I cannot see the benefit of being an opposite character which you are born with. It was nature who determine on what will we be, male or female and no in between.

yes, There is congenital condition which a person born with ambiguous genitalia where we cannot determine the sex and some cases reported that a person can bear with 2 different gene, male and female. Usually in this case, we wait until the child grow up and we will look on which characterisitc he/she will be dominant with, either male or female, then we will do reconstruction surgery to determine the gender.

However, what i am concern is, people who are not born with this condition. people who are born with n0rmal gentialia. normal organ to secret the hormone and everything, yet they are pretending to be the opposite of who they are.

Some of this people might say that they are actually not what they are, they have opposite gender soul in them which i found is nonsense. There is no such thing as soul entrapment. Gender is not determine by the soul but by the physiological mechanism inside the body. I bet if you test all the 'girl' for testosterone, they will all have the same level as other normal guy do. If not, they will obviously develop their breast, hip, and even shrink their testes. But no way that will going to happen.

To be fair, i am not blaming the existence of these confuse people because they do exist and they have the equal right to be what they are. I just hope that someday they will realize who they actually are and how thankful they are to be what they were. There is so much loss of our society if more and more people are going to be like this. Unless, those 'girl' willing to do male job even though they dress girl. Obviously they are not.

As for girls who are becoming guys, maybe this is productive as they will not limited to do girl thing only. But still they will be a loss.

If someone said that one day, in the future, women will be more than man until women have to fight for a man, i would say, "yes, but that penis?"


  1. are u referring to the Fadil's story or a.k.a Fatine who got married in UK?

  2. no... i just heard that news this morning. haha. I don't actually write this thing about him/her.

    When i wrote this post, i am thinking of those pondan2 i've seen in KK.


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