Open mind.

1. Yesterday friday prayer Khutbah is talking about HIV. It was a good talk. Relating HIV with religion is no new thing. Every religion is getting this impression of 'i told you so'. This is because religion may be right in promoting abstinence and thus preventing HIV transmission. Correct. No doubt about it.

2. However, as many people know, science and religion does not correlates well with each other. Not to say that either one is wrong, but the connection between the two is still far away to be understand.

3. The only problem with religion is religious people always try to conclude and summarize every science facts to be related with religion even though they may not have the evidence of it. For example, thousand years ago, an interpretation in Koran was saying that this world is flat like a carpet. Hundred years after that, it was proven that the world is round. Then after that the religious people start to realize that their interpretation is wrong. Not to say the sentences is wrong but the interpretation is wrong. This is because, religious man always want to summarize everything in an instance rather than to think it openly.

4. Regarding yesterday friday prayer, the talk on HIV which i am concern with is when the Khatib is saying that AIDS is a punishment, to those who is having pre-marital sex. It is correct in term of pre-marital sex is the contributing factors to HIV spread, but the word punishment is not correct.

5. For me, AIDS is a challenged by Allah S.W.T to us human. To make us think and try to understand how powerful God creation. How complex is HIV, even we can't understand it after 26 years living with it in this world. We can't fight it. We might stop it. But we are far from having a cure for it.

6. Instead of labeling it as a punishment from God, i might be better for us, if we want to promote our religion, to learn more about this disease and try to save and help everyone who acquire it. There is no such thing as punishment in this world because everyone is a mistake. So to fix it, we might need to help each others.

7. I totally disagree of the statement of God punishment.

8. I guess, we need to be open minded nowadays. Not to be bold and follow whatever interpret to us. As many people reject Darwin's Theory on human evolution, religous community totally rejected it but i, myself still have that curiosity regarding which one is correct.

9. First of all, there is lot of undeniable evidence showing that we are originated from a single cell organism from the sea. As all our cell are floating and surrounded by Extracellular fluid which has the same properties as Sea water, the need for us to take salt everyday to make us live " as salt in sea water need to make sea fish alive".

10. Second of all, there is a lot of observable changes in human appearance everyday. To make it easy, just compare the celebrity from the 80's and today. Obviously, today there are more prettier than before. Years after years, human look more sophisticated and become prettier and prettier. we are evoluting.

11. Evolution is possible.

12. However, what make religous person fight with scientist is when no one can explain how Adam and Eve can connect with the evolution theory.

13. In my opinion, and this is an opinion only, it is possible. No one knows how Adam and Eve look like when they first appear in this world. Everyone would imagine that Adam and Eve look like today's Adam, but i guess not. Probably not. even 20 years changes is obvious, how about thousands year changes? Maybe the evolution is started after Adam and Eve is created.

14. And what about every organism originated from the sea? It is also possible in my opinion. I would answer it with a question. How God create Adam? What is the proper mechanism? No one knows. As many people imagine, God created it maybe like a magic. We imagine it. But no one can be sure about this. What if God create human with a power that first change a molecule to become a cell. And from this cell, God shape us. Use the sea as a medium to develope everything. maybe we are not created in a day. Maybe a day is equals to thousand year. Who knows?

15. So in conclusion, open our mind. Don't be afraid. We are trying to prove the power of God. I find nothing wrong with that.


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